Over You


3. Over you chapter 3(read chap. 1&2 first)

Alice's pov-
"Open the door! We're surrounding!" Yelled the police as they circled the building. Todd, Mark, and Josh have already abandoned me and Jess. Except we were tied to a pole, and couldn't unlock the doors. 
"Ali, we're gonna be home soon." Says Jess as the first smile I've seen in 4 weeks spreads across my best friends face.
"I know Jess, I know." 
The men who took us were horrible. I almost felt better when I didn't remember what they did to me the first time. Every time me or Jess talked back we would get slapped or pushed against a wall. It was torture. 
"That's it! We're breaking down the door!" Yelled the police.
We told the police about everything that happened and That Mark, Todd, and Josh already ran away to god knows where. They untied us and called an ambulance. 
"ALICE!" I turned around and saw perfection. Everything in time froze. The pain stopped. The fear stopped. I turned around and saw my other half. I turned around and saw Liam. I ran towards him, ignoring my twisted ankle, and jumped into his arms. I think this was the hardest I've ever hugged anyone in my life.
"Oh my god Alice. Alice you're okay. We're together. Alice." I firmly pressed my lips against his and then everything went black. 

Jess's pov-
Once we got outside Niall, Louis, Harry, Zayn, and Liam were running towards us. They all called our names and we both called theirs in return. Liam and Alice ran towards each other, and me and Louis ran towards each other.
"Mother of god Jess." 
"Louis." I mumbled into our kiss that slightly hurt my lips. 
I heard screaming and me and Lou broke apart by me running towards Alice as they rushed her into the ambulance. They were already driving away before any of us got into the car with her.

"I was worried sick about you. You know?" I jumped as i felt a pair of strong arms wrap around me. Zayn. I recognized the scent of his cologne. .

"yeah, well. Im okay now. We just have to get to the hospital with Alice." I brushed his arms from my body and ran into the car with Niall, Lou, Liam, Harry, and Zayn close behind me.

"She's going to be okay." Harry said to Niall.

"I-I-Uh, i just haven't even said Hello to her since we found her, and now...She might be dea-"

"Niall!" I quickly cut him off looking at Liam's face"

"Shes going to be fine, guys. Just...drive." I said as i took hold of Lou's hand

"I love you." He said so only i could hear him. I looked at Zayn, though i don't know why.

"I love you too Louis." I snuggled into him as we continued the drive to Alice.

Harry's pov-

I didn't even get a chance to hug her; Say hello. She better be okay. She has to be okay. 

"Uh, Alice can now have visitors." Said the nurse. Jess, Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis, and I all stood up and practically ran towards her room. 

"Hey guys." Alice spoke like it was painful, which made my heart break.

"I didn't even get a chance to give you a bear-hug." Niall cries as he rushes over to her and hugs her. She hugs back, but seems very tense.

"I missed you Nialler." Niall slowly lets her go, and sits next to her on the chair. I took this opportunity to walk over to her, grab her hand, and kiss her forehead. 

"Im glad you're okay, Ali."

"Yeah...Me too." I joined Niall in his chair and jokingly let him sit on my lap. I guess now it was Liam's turn, because he ran over to her and held in a sob. 

"Babe. Im so glad you're okay. I never- We never stopped looking for you. I love you so so much." Liam pulled her into his arms and she willingly let him.

"You can't even begin to imagine how glad i am to you. To see all of you! I love you guys." She was now looking at all of us.

"Group hug!" Yelled Zayn, and we all went over to Alice and Jess. All of us together felt right. Like the way things were supposed to be. 

**3 Weeks Later**

Alice's pov-

Things have been going well. Me and Jess are still really jumpy, but all of the guys have been helping us through this. 

"Morning, love." I awoke to the beautiful sound of Liam's voice. Me and Jess now fully live with them.

"Mmmm" I roll over so that we're face-to-face. Things have gotten so messed up these past few months. I've lost things, I've gained things. There really only one thing that i'm for sure about...And thats Liam. After everything we have been through together, he still remains by my side, and i remain by his. 

"Thank you." I say as i kiss his nose.

"For what?"

"For everything. For being you. I don't know...Just everything." 


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