Over You


2. Over You chapter 2(read chap. 1 first)

Liam's pov-

I miss her more than i've missed anyone in my whole life. Its been 5 weeks since Alice and Jess have been taken. Alice, my girlfriend of 4 months, has been taken again, but this time along with one of her best friends, Jess. Jess is dating Louis, so he's not doing so well either. Niall and Harry also have some feelings for Alice, so they're not in their best state either. Me and the lads have been searching for them non-stop, and we've contacted a bunch of Police Forces to help with the search.

Niall's pov-

I miss them so much. I don't know what to do anymore...The first time Ali got kidnapped it was my fault..I kissed her and she ran away. At least the second time wasn't my fault. 

"Morning guys." I say as I join the lads for breakfast. The smell of chocolate-chip pancakes fills the air as I pour a glass of milk for myself.

"How are you nialler?" asked Harry. Ever since they have disappeared i haven't talked much to anyone, besides Liam. He's the only one who understands what i'm feeling. It's weird because i don't even know what i'm feeling. Alice has broke my heart a few times, but every night i picture her falling asleep next to me, and jut for that moment everything seems to be alright. 

"Uh, yeah, i'm good." I smiled in encouragement and sat down for my pancakes. After i finished eating i took a long hot shower and let my thoughts run down the drain like the water on my body. 

Harry's pov-

I keep picturing Alice in my head. Her brown hair blowing in the wind, her mesmerizing eyes catching my glance, and her laugh drowning everything out. 

"I can tell you miss her... a lot." Zayn says, breaking me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah man...I do." 

"We'll find her, and Jess. I promise."

"I can tell you like her...Jess i mean." I noticed Zayn's face break out in a little smile.

"Yeah...I guess i kinda do."

"She's a great girl." I patted his shoulder, and went to my room. 

Louis's pov-

Jess is gone and things couldn't be worse. I feel empty inside. She was my world; my everything. Now everything is gone. When i find them, and i will find them, i swear to god i will kill who ever took them. Those 2 girls are the most amazing girls i've ever met in my life. An i've had the fortune to be dating one  of them. Jess. She is so beautiful. Her red hair just falls down her back, and her eyes are beautiful. I could look into them forever and never once get bored of them. I miss waking up to the scent of her coconut shampoo, and Dove body wash. I miss her kiss. I miss how she always smiled in the middle of a kiss. I miss how she clung to my body like i was the only thing keeping he alive. I miss how she would pretend she knew the lyrics to a song she's never heard. I miss how she danced like no one was watching. I miss her. 

Zayn's pov-

"How about we go out for a drink?" asked Harry.

"God no" me and Niall said in unison.

"What?" asked Harry.

"Do you even remember what happened last time YOU went out for a drink, Harry?" 

"How could i forget when everyone is constantly reminding me? It was a mistake. A stupid, care-less mistake. Have any of you made one of those before?" Harry slightly yelled as he walked out of the room.

"Guys. You shouldn't of said that. You know he regrets it with his life. You know he never meant to hurt her." Niall whispered.

"I know." Liam simply said as he turned on the T.V

BREAKING NEWS: The missing girls, Jessica Snow and Alice Puttermen have been found. The Police Staff state that they were in a ware-house by themselves, covered in blood and dirt.

Ring Ring, Ring Ring

"Liam Payne? We have found them."

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