Over You


17. Over you chapter 17

Harry's pov-

"JUST TAKE ME HOME! GET ME OUT OF HERE!" Alice was screaming the whole car-ride home. I tried to comfort her as much as possible, but when you see one the men who has kidnapped you twice, i think it's a little hard to be calm. 

"Ali, please calm down. It's okay. We're gone, and he's not going to hurt us anymore." Jess said while stroking her best friend's arm.  Ali's breathing wasn't normal, and we were all concerned. 

"Niall?" Alice asked. We didn't even realise till now that he was crying. Niall was an overly sensitive guy, and since Emily had to leave early, he was alone.

"I'm fine, really Ali, i am." He said while Ali immediately dried her tears, hushed her screaming, and scooted over to comfort Niall. I loved how she would hide her own pain, in order to get rid of someone else's. I had to admit though, seeing her so cozy with all the boys made me jealous.

"I'm sorry i cause so much hassle to all of you guys..." Alice said while looking down at her feet. We all immediately shook our heads and disagreed. 

"We wouldn't be the same without you, Ali." Lou said while giving her a reassuring smile. 

"Yeah, and without you, i wouldn't know what true love feels like." I said while taking her hand in mine.

"We all need you." Liam said. Zayn nodded his head.

"We love you!" Jess said with excitement.

"Thanks guys..." She said without smiling. I could tell something was wrong, and it wasn't just about seeing the kidnapper. The rest of the ride home was silent. Except for the occasional kissing we heard from Zayn and Jess. I could feel Louis tighten up every time. I patted his back a smiled at him.

Louis's pov-

Thank god for Harry, i think i would've snapped if he didnt try to calm me. I know i said i was okay with Zayn and Jess being in a relationship, but i'm really not. I'm still in love with her, and i let her slip way so easily. She probably thought i didnt even care that she wasn't in love with me anymore, but i did. I just wanted her to be happy. And she is happy, but i'm not. I want her back in my life, and i want her to be mine again. I love her so much, and jealousy is killing me. I need to get her back or i need to move on, and i know exactly who i'd move on with.

"In deep thought?" Jess whispered in my ear. I turned to see that Zayn had fallen asleep.

"Yeah, i guess so." I chuckled and nodded to Zayn.

"We tired him out." She said and smiled at him.


"Yeah, i can see.." I coughed awkwardly.

"Right, um, i should read, i guess." She looked away in embarrassment.

"Ok." I frowned to myself, and turned back to face the road. 

This was going to be a long ass tour.

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