Over You


16. Over you chapter 16

 *3 weeks after landing in New York*

Zayn's pov-

"You guys sounded amazing!" Jess exclaimed as we made our way off the stage in Orlando. The girls gathered us in a group hug. Me and the boys went over and grabbed a bottle of water each which i easily gulped in a matter of 45 seconds. 

"Easy big guy." Jess said while wrapping herself around me. I chuckled and kissed her forehead. 

"You look rather nice, tonight." I say while admiring her from head to toe. She was wearing a white crop top with a black cross on it, and pale blue skinny jeans with black heels.

"Not too shabby yourself, Malik. I mean, i've seen worse." God, i loved this girl.

Alice's pov-

"Haarryyyyy, you lookin' stylish." I say while laughing at my own joke. Harry chuckles and takes off his shirt. I still wasn't used to his fit body, before he became famous he was so fluffy, it was adorable. Now he's just-

"I know i'm an extremely attractive man, but could you please stop staring." He says while putting a clean shirt back on and interrupting my thoughts.

"Shut up" I say while trying to hide my blushed cheeks. 

"Okay, let me know when you guys stop being so cute." Emily says.

"Am i not cute enough for you?" Niall says while wearing a pouting face.

"No baby, baby no. I love you omg you're the cutest okay?" She says while giving him kisses all over his cheeks.

"That's more like it." Niall says with a blush on his face. We all laugh.

"WHOS UP FOR NANDOS?" Louis shouts while taking a bite of his apple.

"ME!" we all shout in reply. Harry pulled me back behind of everyone, and fiercely pressed his lips against mine.

"What was that for?" I ask out of breath.

"I just need you." He says with a lust in his eyes, i've never seen before. 

"Hey guys! Me and Harry are gonna skip Nandos, kay?" I say while never taking his eyes off of him.

"Mhm" They say while almost out of sight.

I'm pretty sure you can guess what we spent the next hour doing.

Harry's pov-

"That was amazing." I say out of breath. I lay down next to her and all i can hear is out breathing.

"Yes." She says while cuddling into me.

Ring, Ring, Ring

"Shit" Harry says while reaching for his phone.


"Where you guys at?" It was Niall. I laugh.

"Just chilling, why?"

"Oh god. Anyways, if you guys are done, we're all going down to Universal Studios, and was wondering if you guys wanted to come."

"Um, yeah sure. We'll meet you there, okay?"

"Alright, see ya soon." I hang up and pull her out of bed.

"You up for roller coasters?" I say while putting my clothes back on.

Her eyes light up.

"Yes yes yes!" She says while putting her clothes back on as well. 

I take her hand, and we walk outside to the car.

*3 hours later*

Alice's pov-

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" I say as we face a straight-down fall on the roller coaster. I grab Jess's hand, and we scream in delight.

"That was the best one so far!" We all say as we got off.

I take Harry's hand, and we all get some cotton candy.

I laugh as Zayn throws some onto Niall's face, but he catches it in his mouth. 

I look past Niall at the happy smiles on everyone's face. One face catches my eye. MY whole body freezes cold, and my smile immediately fades.

"Hey, Ali, you okay?" Niall says with a concerned look.


The face makes it way into a eery smile.

It was him. 

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