Over You


15. Over you chapter 15

Alice's pov-

Liam's lips were against mine, and i was not enjoying it.

"Liam! Stop!" I say while backing away. Liam came in this morning saying he loved me, and then he kissed me. Forcefully. Too forcefully. 

"Harry treats you like shit Alice!" He yells. Where was everybody? Why couldn't they hear our yelling?

"No he doesn't! Liam this is not how you're going to get me back. In fact, why don't you just give up? I'm not going back to you. Especially after this, so just go away Liam. Okay?" I say as calming as i can.

Liam lifts his hands up and slaps me. I feel the burning sensation almost immediately. I stare at Liam in shock.

"LIAM! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?" I yell at him as loud as i can. I'd be lying if i said i wasn't crying. Suddenly Harry bursts into the room with the rest  of them. All there eyes go from my Red coloured and tear stained cheek to Liam's shocked expression and hand in the air. Harry knows what happened as soon as he saw my cheek, and i'm pretty sure so did everyone else.

"Liam. Did you hit MY GIRLFRIEND?!" Harry yells at Liam while coming over to stand in front of me as a source of protection. 

"Liam?" Why would you do that to her?" Niall says calmly. Niall always knows how to handle these situations. Except for the time when he punched Liam when Liam admitted he cheated on me. 

"LIAM. SAY SOMETHING." Jess yelled while storming over and slapping him. Zayn pulled her back, but she resisted.

"No Zayn. He slapped my best friend. He deserves it." She says while looking over at me.

"I know." He simply says and lets her go. 

"Harry..." i whisper into his ear. He turns around and gently strokes my cheek.

"Yes love?"

"Can we go?" He smiles and me, takes my hand, and we walk out without saying anything to anyone. I hear screaming and yelling as we shut the door.

"He told me he was in love with me, and that you treat me bad. And then he kissed me and he wouldnt let go until i pushed him off me. Then i told him he was wrong about you, and i guess...i guess he just snapped." I say while sitting on Harrys lap in his bedroom.

"And this afternoon i have to sit next to him for 5 hours in an airplane. Great." Harry says smugly. I giggle to myself, because he boys still didnt know we were coming. I helped Harry pack for about an hour, and then everyone except Liam came in, and we group-hugged. Me and Jess called Emily to tell her to meet us at Paul's house so we could bring our luggage to him, and he could hide it from the boys until we told them. We were going to say good-bye to them first, and then when they were gone we will check in, and go wait in another room where the boys arent at. Then we will make sure we're the last ones boarding, so we'll just casually take a seat next to our boyfriends. I was sitting next to Harry (i'll switch with Liam), Emily with Niall, and Jess with Zayn. 

Zayn's pov-

"I'm going to miss you so much." I say while pulling Jess into one last hug. We already checked-in, but we have to go to our Gate.

"I'll miss you more." She says while kissing me a long kiss that made it even harder to let her go. 

"Promise to skype almost everyday?" She asks.

"Of course. But i gotta go love, I'll miss you more then you'll ever imagine." Sh squeezed my hand and let me go. 

Niall's pov-

"We'll talk everyday okay? And be careful, be safe. I'll miss you a lot Em. But the Girls'll take care of you. Go shopping or whatever you girls do." I say while she laughs and cuddles me up.

"Have a good flight" She says while giving me one more kiss.

"I'll miss you!" I call over my shoulder as i walk up the stairs. She shakes her head and blows me a kiss.

Louis's pov-

"Im going to miss all you girls like hell!" I say with a laugh. I give them all massive bear hugs, and make my way to our gate. Looking over on last time at my best friends.

Liam's pov-

"Bye guys..." I say quietly, and they all smile at me gently. Zayn pats me on the back.

"Lets go man." He says while starting for the Gate.

Harry's pov-

"I love you." She says while running her hands through my curls.

"And i, you." I say while giving her one last kiss. 

"Have a good flight" She says while pulling me into a hug. 

Jess's pov-

"Okay, game one girls!" I say while we race over to the Check-in. 

"They're going to be so surprised!" Emily giggles in excitement.

Once we're done checking in, we go to Gate 20 instead of being at Gate 22, where the boys are. We can hear the screaming of girls in sight of One Direction already. 

 "GATE 22, READY FOR BOARDING." We wait for the screaming to die down before we head over to our gate.

Once on the plane, we head for our seats. All 8 of us were at the very back of the plane. 

Alice's pov-

Harry was the first to see us.

"Mind if i take a seat Harold?"

He pulls me into his lap, and we share a passionate kiss. 

"I love you."

"I love you too."

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