Over You


13. Over you chapter 13

Emily's pov-

"MOM!?" I yell helplessly as i stare at her body laying un-counsious on the floor. Blood is pasted to her head, and glass is around her. I had no idea how it happened, i just came down for some food, and this is what i see.

"Hello? Yah, i need an ambulance here as soon as possible! Um, my mom i think she might be..Just come fast, please!" i yell into the phone as i called 911. 

My dad was murdered 7 years ago, and we still haven't found the murderer. If my mom is gone...No, i can't even think about that. 

I hear knocking on the door, and i quickly run over and answer it. The police and ambulance are surrounding my house. People run in with a stretcher, and the police start asking questions, but all i'm hearing is the wheels of the stretcher as my mom is put into the ambulance. 

"Ma'am, are you okay?" The officer asks.

"No, i need to go with her. i need to be there." I say with tears streaming down my face. I run for the ambulance and beg to let me in. They let me in, and i take a seat in the passenger seat. I call Niall.

"Niall...My mom. Something happened." I say while sobbing.

"Emily?! Babe what's wrong? What happened?"

"I-There was an accident. Just meet me as the hospital. Come soon." I say and hang up.

We arrive quickly at the hospital, and my mom is rushed into ER. I see Niall, Jessica, Alice, Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Harry waiting in the waiting room.

I quickly run into Niall's arms, and cry against his chest. He strengthens his grip on me.

"Emily? What happened?" They all say at once with concerned tones. And i told them everything that happened, from my dad to my mom. Half way through the story Alice and Jessica started crying, and they informed about how they were both kidnapped. Alice twice. Niall pulled me close to him.

*approx 1 hour later*

"Those who are here for Melissa please stand up." A nurse calls out. All 8 of us stand up, and i can tell something bad is about to be said.

"I'm sorry, but she didn't make it..." She says with her head down.

She didn't make it.

Those 4 words stung like a knife across the skin. My vision becomes blurry, and i can feel pairs of arms wrap against me. Everyone is hugging me, though i do not know why. Because she is not dead. I pull out of their embraces, and run. I don't know where, just down the halls. I'm running fast, and people are calling out my name but i'm only calling out one.


People are staring at me and telling me to stop, but i'm not listening, because the pain is overwhelming me. Like i'm drowning, only...I'm not in water. I'm in pain.

I stop running, and sink to the floor. I'm crying, I'm crying so hard. Because she is dead. 

Niall's pov-

I see her sink to the floor and tears come out of her eyes. I rush over to her and wrap my arms around her. 

"Emily, baby, It's going to be okay. Everything will be okay. You're okay." I say. But i'm not saying it to reassure her, i'm saying it to reassure me.

The next few days were horrible. Emily's mom had a funeral which we all attended. Many tears fell from all of our eyes. Emily has been pushing me away thinking that whoever killed her mom is trying to kill everyone she loves, which would mean i'd probably be next. I don't care if i'm next or last, i'll never let her go no matter how hard she tries to make me. We offered Emily my room, but she wanted to be with her family, so she's staying with her aunt and uncle a couple blocks away.

"Hey Niall, i've been thinking a lot...About what happened...To Emily's mom, um, maybe if could be linked with the person who kidnapped me and Jess." Alice says while taking a seat next to me on my bed. I can't lie and say i hadn't thought of that too, but i just hoped it wasn't true.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Yeah..." She replied with. 

"I just, wish i could help her." I say while laying down. 

"Just be there for her okay? It helps more than anything..." She says while fidgeting with her necklace.

"I will. Thanks Alice. You're really the best friend i've ever had." I say with a smile.

"You too Nialler, you too."





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