Over You


11. Over you chapter 11

Liams pov-
"Alice? Can I talk to you?" I ask quietly.  She is sitting on her window-seat reading. She looks so peaceful.
She hesitates at first but slowly nods her head. I close the door, and she motions for me to come sit next to her.
"Hey" she says with a genuine smile.
"Ali, I'm so sorry. I'm happy that you're happy with Harry. I never apologized yet, and I'm so sorry. I just, do you think you can ever be my friend again? Like we were before... All this." 
"Liam." she says while she throws herself on to me. I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her close. 
"I missed you" I say as we let each other go. 

Jess's pov-
"ZAAYNN PLEASSEEE STOP!" I say hopelessly while he tickles me all over my belly.
"how about no?" he says while laughing at me struggling. I mange to free my hands and push his hands away only long enough for me to stand up. 
"You can run, but you can't hide." zany says. I run down the hall laughing with zany laughing close behind. I see Louis sitting on the sofa in the living room, so I run over and sit on him. 
"Louiiis! Zayn is tickling me." I say in a baby voice while zayn enters the room.
"Are you bothering my girlfriend?" Lou says while holding a laugh. 
"yes sir!" zayn replies.
"Care for some help?"
"Always." zayn says.
I stare at them in awe. 
"you wouldn't dare." I say.
"oh, but we would." Lou says while gently pushing me on the sofa. Lou holds me while zayn tickles me.
"THIS IS PHYSICAL ASSAULT!!" I yell between laughs. 
"what's going on here?" Alice says standing next to Liam.
"Alice please tell them to stop." Alice busts out laughing but manages to stop them. 
"hey? You guys wanna go clubbing tonight?" Niall asks while approaching with Harry.

Alices pov-
I blushed at the sight of Harry. 
"Morning love." He says while placing his arms around me waist. I lean in for a quick kiss.
"get a room" Lou yells playfully.
"shut up louis." Harry says bashfully.
"so yes or no?" niall asks.
"Yes!" we all reply with. Harry winks at me  and whispers "Maybe I can find a hot girl to dance with." which causes me to burst out laughing. Harry chuckles and places a kiss on my cheek.
"or I could always settle with you." he says. A new round of laughs escape my mouth. 
Jess looks at me with a smirk and shakes her head while laughing. I stick my tongue out at her. 
For the rest of day we all just lounged around watching movies.
"Jess let's go get ready?" 
"I have the perfect dress for you! Oh my god Ali! " I laugh and follow her into her room. She hands me a black strapless, short, tight dress. With an open space of a heart in the back. 
"I love it! But it's so tight... And so...open?" Jess laughed.
"that's the point" I quickly ran into my room and changed into a black, strapless bra. I looked in the mirror. I didnt look half-bad, i thought. I smiled at myself, and walked back to Jess's room.

"OMG! Alice! You HAVE to wear it!" Jess practically screamed at me. I laughed nervously.

"You sure you dont wan't to wear it?" i asked

"Oh no honey! I'm wearing the Blue one i wore to my sweet 16!" I laughed and thanked her. I went back to me and Harry's room, and applied some make-up. A little of black eye-liner, Mascara, Red lipstick, Blush, and i straightened my hair. 

I found my Black stilettos, and put them on. I heard a knock on the door.

"Come in" I say as Harry pokes his head through the door.

"Are you re- Oh my god Ali. You look absolutely breath-taking. Literally." Harry comes over and places his hands on my waist, and pulls me closer. I press my lips against his, and does the same.

"Not too shabby yourself, Styles." I say. He chuckles, and clutches my hand.

"Let's go." We walk down starts hand-in-hand. Jess is sitting on Lou's lap laughing at something Zayn had said. Niall and Liam are Laughing at something, but when me and Harry walked down all eyes turned to us.

"You look amazing Alice!" Jess runs over and hugs me. Niall sends me a grin, and Liam just stayed quite. 

"Guys c'mon! Emily is waiting for me, Er...i mean us." We all burst out laughing as we pile in Paul's SUV. 

"Dont get too crazy, okay kids?" Paul says.

"No promises, Jess here is pretty wild." Lou says jokingly. 

"Lou!" Jess playfully shoves him. 

Niall's pov-

Paul pulled into Emily's driveway to fund her waiting by her mail box. I jump out and run over to her. She presses her lips against mine for a quick kiss.

"You look amazing" i say in awe. She has a Black and white striped high-waisted skirt on with a black belly-top. And not too much make-up. Personally, she didnt need any make-up in my eyes. 

"You too." She says with red cheeks. I grab her hand and she sits next to Alice, since i'm in the front. They emerge in a conversation, while everyone else are in their own conversations as well. Wa arrive at the club, show our I.Ds, and head over to the bar. 

"A round of shots?" Zayn asks. We nod our heads, and down our shots. 

Alice's pov-

Suddenly, "Your Body" comes on, and Harrys drags me out to the dance floor. Lou takes Jess, Niall Takes Emily, and Zayn is dancing with some random girl.

No need for talking.

Harry places his hands on my hip bones, and i begin to move to the song. 

All i wanna do is love your body.

He slowly grazes his hands down the side oh my body, and place kisses on my neck. I turn around, and wrap my arms round his body, while still moving to the music.

It's true what you heard, I am a freak, i'm disturbed.

I slowly go down, with my hips sway against his, then make my way back up. Harry then fiercely brings me back up to meet his lips, only we're not kissing. Just breathing in each other.

We're moving faster than slow.

"You have no idea what you do to me." Harry says with a smirk. I bring my hands up to his curls, and wrap my fingers around them. He places his hands on my lower back, guiding my hips in circles. 

All I wanna do is love your body.

I press my lips to his hungrily. He pulls me even closer, which i didn't think was possible. My hands are everywhere. He brings his hands down to my back and makes me feel safe in his arms. The song ends, and we're both breathing heavy.

"I love you."

"I love you too." 

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