Over You


10. Over you chapter 10

Alice's pov-

"Shh, i'm sleeping." I  say as i feel someone's hand gently rub my upper-arm. "Alice, it's like 12 already." I hear, followed by a boy's chuckle. I roll over so I'm facing the voice that has woken me. I'm greeted with a cheeky smile, along with a messy bed-head of curls. "Good Morning Harry" I say as i begin to push myself upon my elbows. Suddenly all of last night's scenes come flashing back. I walked into Harry's room, and he let me in. He offered me some of the bed, and reluctantly i slide in. I curled into his body like i've done a million times before. He said something like his was a good feeling, me and him together again. I face him, and-Oh God! We kissed.  I felt the heat rush up to my cheeks, and Harry let out a sigh.  "Yeah, i saw that coming. Look, Alice, if you want, we can forget it ever happened. I don't want to make things awkward between us." Harry said as he began to climb out of bed. Of course, i thought to myself. Harry hasn't changed, he obviously thought nothing of that kiss, so…why should i?  But the strange thing is, that the kiss did mean something to me. It meant a lot. It had felt so right, so familiar. It was a kiss i realised, that i had been longing for. And i guess, i guess i wan't him to think the same.  "What do you mean? You want to forget about it?" I asked as i began suddenly conscious that i was only in a big shirt, and boxer shorts.  'If you want to yeah i guess…" Harry said it so casually, it made me irritated. "No Harry, that's actually not what i want." I say as i walk over to him.  He looked at me surprisingly. "That what do you want?" He began coming closer, until we were chest to chest. "I want this." I pull him in closer to me and crash my lips against his. He returned the favour, which only left me wanting him more. I bring my hands up to his curls and tangle his hair with my fingers. The kiss only kept on getting more intense, and more intense. We kept on going like that until we were both feeling light-headed. "Alice, that's what i want to." Harry says while entwining his hands with mine. We smile bashfully at each other. "Breakfast?" I ask while heading to the door. "Um Ali? Maybe some pants?" He laughed, clearly pleased with himself as i roll my eyes at him, and begin to pull my yoga pants on.    Liam's pov- I saw Alice and Harry walk downstairs holding hands, and looking as happy as ever. I wanted to curl up and stay there forever. But i caused this all myself, and Alice deserved to be happy.  "Good morning guys!" Harry said cheerfully. He was greeted with a round of Good-Mornings in response. I looked at Alice, and she looked at me. She smiled. She actually smiled at me. I smiled at her in return. "You two look awfully…happy." Louis said with a smirk growing on his face. Harry chuckled and look at Alice, which caused her to look at her feet, trying to hide the redness of her cheeks. I saw Jess wink at her which caused her cheeks to become even more red, which, personally, i didn't think was possible.  "Yeah, uh guys, we have an announcement to make." Harry said while looking at me. I shifted in my seat, and cleared my throat. "Right, um Me and Harry have decided to…try things out again. To see how it goes." Harry placed a kiss on her cheek, and everyone rooted for them. I even clapped too. Harry half-smiled at me, but Alice gave me a full-out grin.  "Who's up for Nandos?" asked Niall. "ME!" Lou replied with. We all laughed and headed for the door. Except Jess and Zayn. Jess had a cold and decided to stay in, and Zayn offered to watch her. Louis didn't seem to have a problem at all.    Zayn's pov- "How are you feeling?" I asked Jess while she lay on the sofa. "Not so well." She said with a smile.  "Do you want me to make some soup or something?" She giggled at that. "No, i'n fine thank you." "You sure?" "Yep" "Sooo, wacha wanna do?" I asked.  "Hmmm, What about a Twilight Marathon?" "Only for you Jessica, only for you." I rolled my eyes, and set up the blue ray player.    *Half an Hour later*   "They're so cute1! oh my god. I can't even anymore." I hear Jess says she lay her head on my shoulder. I laughed at her "Fan-Girling" moment.   
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