Willow House (First of a Saga)

Cassie Brooks, a girl with a background. No one wants her, no one needs her. So when she joins Willow House, what will the inmates think of their new member?


13. Tears in the Rain.

((A/N: I have actually completed this story ages back, so, I am in process of the sequel, some of which is already up on Watty, I will be putting it on here ^_^ thank you for your support Reader, I love you. Yes. You. There. You. With you're sexy face:3 hehehehheheeee happy. Anways, ENJOY!!! <3 BeyondLawliet))


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(A/N: Hey y'all! If your still reading this, thank you! It means alot. Are you guys even liking this? Do you even want me to upload more?? Please comment and tell me, because if im messing your lives up, I need to know o_o Anyways, reader, do enjoy!! BeyondLawliet)

I woke up with my own makeup stained on my pillow. I felt the soreness of my eyes sink in. And then it hit me. ‘Goodbye Cassie Brooks...’ Liam had already said goodbye, and he was leaving today. Sunday, Craig, Liam’s step brother, would be round in... I reached over and checked the time on my phone. An hour! I jumped out of bed and raced around frantically, trying my best to sort out the stains on my pillow the minute I was dressed. I decided that turning it over may be the easiest option. I checked my hair one last time and then slowed myself. I opened my door and came face to face with Molly. “Eww, bitch looks worse than usual.” She eyed up my messy hair. “You look lovely too Molly, new top?” I sarcastically tried to level with her. She grumbled something as I pushed past her. “I still recall this as your fault. You’re going to get it. The minute I work out how.” A quirky smile appeared on her face. Great, she was planning out my murder now. I sped down the stairs and unfortunately she came after me. “I still have my knife you know. Could get it done so easily, but where’s the fun in that?” I came to the bottom of the stairs and she paraded down next to me. “Good luck. You’re going to need it.” She slinked off like a fox towards the kitchen and I found myself making a different course. One that sent me into a very cheery looking Ash. “Hey! Cassie, I got a movie rented and as a special treat, I have popcorn, sweet, of course! Fancy it?” I found myself laughing at his enthusiasm. “You nerd. Sure, why not? And what other flavours have reason to exist when sweet is about?” Ash must know just about every food item I like. “It’s a date.”  He winked playfully at me and I rolled my eyes at him. I saw Molly tip toe up the stairs and found my opportunity to grab some food. I grabbed Ash by the wrist and hauled him into the kitchen. Bacon could be smelt the minute you walked in. I felt my belly grumble.


After gorging on a bacon sandwich, I found myself searching the house. I subconsciously knew I was searching for Liam, but I refused to let myself accept it. I finally stumbled across him in the back yard, hidden amongst the trees. “What do you want? I already said goodbye so don’t use that excuse.” Shit. He took my excuse. I bit my lip and thought of a smart comeback. “Yeah, but, I didn’t get to say goodbye to you.” I’m so good. I only just realised I was talking to a Liam that was sat comfortably up in the tree. I looked up and put my hands on my hips like some annoyed mother. He smirked and jumped down in one fluid movement. “I said, don’t use that excuse Cassie. You said goodbye before, remember?” I hesitated and then images of the night he accused me came back, tears prickled in my eyes.  He stepped away and didn’t look at me. “What time is it?” I pulled my phone out of my pocket. “9:30” He picked up a stone, turned it over in his hands and then threw it at the tree trunk. He didn’t miss. “What time... will Craig be here?” I stepped a little close to him. “Soon.... Too soon.” Liam swivelled round and pushed me out of the way. I didn’t follow him or turn around. I just listened to his footsteps and felt the patter of rain. You know the best thing about the rain? No one can see your tears...


                                             ** 10:30 am**


I sat on the bottom step of the stairs, my hair sodden with the rain and my face damp with tears. But my excuse was the rain. The rain which poured outside, much like the night I arrived at Willow House. Everyone crowded around the door where Liam was leaving. There was no goodbye party there was no time. There were no hugs, there was no love. There was nothing, nothing for me or anyone. Just a goodbye. And a dark, sad sight. I ran up to my room and left what was downstairs to stay downstairs. That part of me had left forever. And eternity is a long time to wait. If I could have said anything, I should have said it then. But I didn’t I cowered in my room and watched from the window as my tears thickened and my heart dropped. The cold glass frame was like ice on my skin. No one looked to my window from bellow, but I looked down on them. Liam climbed into the car with no regrets and I carried my loss to my bed. I screamed into my pillow and created yet more stains on its surface. No one could hear me, no one cared. No one would hold me and make me feel the way he did. No one.  I got up and tread towards the wardrobe and found my childish self wishing on a Narnia that wasn’t there. Wishing to find a world where I could live happily. Without this pain and loss. Without fear and need. Just love and happiness and a place where I could be the heroine. Where I am my own hero. I touched the carvings with my shaking hand and there in the corner, where no one had marked before. I found my name.






Around the names was a neatly carved heart. I felt my knees weaken and I collapsed to the floor. My hands still tracing the curves of the heart. I daren’t blink, in case it was a dream. But what could I do? I couldn’t bring him back. I couldn’t ask for another chance. I had lost my battle through my anger, and ruined everything for us both. It was going to be a long life ahead. I can only hope it is an easy one. But for kids like me, in houses like this, it will never be easy. I pulled in my legs to my chin and laid in a ball on my floor by the wardrobe. I waited for someone to find me. I wouldn’t care how long. I felt my sobs shake my whole body and I felt myself fall into a guilt ridden hole. There was nothing I could do. That was the worst thing about it. Liam Davenport was gone and in my entire life I may never see him again. My whole world just got that bit smaller.


I didn’t move from the foot of the wardrobe in fact I barely breathed. I just silently cried into my knees and curled myself even tighter. Hours may have passed, days or months for all I cared, and I wouldn’t have known. I felt dead. A fire without a spark, a bull fighter with no bull to fight, in other words. I had no purpose. Without Liam, there is no longer something to hope for. I’d been recklessly hoping he’d take me back; he’d forget everything and just forgive. But that’s in an ideal world and ours is far from that. Soon enough Ash came looking for me. The door squeaked only slightly but I had grown used to its opening noises. I knew instantly that someone was either watching me, or coming for me. The creeping tip toe leaded me to expect a fearsome Molly holding her penknife to my throat. But when I turned, I found only Ash instead. I came to my feet, and instantly regretted it, I wobbled and almost fell flat on my face, if it not for Ash’s quick reflexes. He caught and I hurdled my cold body into his arms. He held on tightly and I felt his grip around me grow ever tighter as I cried till I had no tears left. I heard the door squeak and I sniffled my tears away. Wiping ferociously at my eyes. Little Charley was the next tip toeing person to enter my room. His little head only reached Ash’s knees and he wrapped his arms around us both. It made me realise just how close I was to him. Ash let go of me, checking I was stable first, and then took Charley just over his shoulder. Like a father would his son. He jostled him up and down till he was laughing and that even managed to make me smile. I thought how good a parent Ash will be when he’s older and how much love there will be in his family. How much he cared. No one cares... I do believe I am correcting myself. Charley reached out, Freddy the teddy in hand, and Ash passed him over to me. I hugged him gently, but held on tight, like a teddy bear. I got so much comfort from holding his warm little body and I think I reassured him too. Now I had Ash smiling. I placed Charley down and took his little hand in mine. “Oh, yeah, sorry, I came to say it was dinner but...” Ash rubbed the back of his head and I dismissed him. “Doesn’t really matter. That was more important to me.” He smiled and I saw him come closer to me. Leaning to me, I let him kiss my lips softly. Not like an aggressive kiss, just a little one. To keep me going.  He smiled and walked out. I grabbed Charley’s hand a little tighter and lead him down the stairs to the kitchen. It smelled good.


I took Charley to his seat and helped him get a good sized portion of chicken nuggets and beans. Another spread of a million different things laid across the table. Then I decided to sit next to Ash. Liam’s seat looked so lonely and I could almost see myself and him sat there. Like we used to. A single tear, one I thought I’d already cried away slid down my face. I wiped at it anxiously and checked to see if anyone had seen. Hopefully they hadn’t, just as I picked up my fork, Molly snorted. “Oh yes. You will be crying soon bitch.” I looked over at her to find her smirking like she had a plan up her sleeve, and that was scary. I just shrugged and kept silent. I felt Ash’s leg brush against mine under the table. I didn’t have the strength to think he was flirting with me, I just noted it down as him trying to comfort me. If anyone, apart from Liam used to, Ash was the person most protective of me. That’s caring, someone cares...  I was correcting myself again. I stabbed a nugget with my fork and created myself a chicken nugget sandwich, one I soon bit into and managed to eat in less than five bites. I decided to be greedy and eat another. I hadn’t realised how hungry I was all this time. I guess the drama had blinded me. In fact, it did more than blind me in that area...  I shook off the thought and tucked in. Then leant back and sat. Waiting. For what I don’t know, who maybe. Ash kicked his chair back and stood up. He looked down at me and I decided he was what I was waiting for. I picked up his plate along with mine and dumped them in the dishwasher. I followed him to the game room and found our ‘date’ all set up.


I decided it was too much work to be sad all the time, and let myself be happy if only for a measly 98 minutes of nerdy movie and popcorn. I can’t really be unhappy around Ash, he makes me too happy. I plonked my sore body on the sofa. I felt like a sponge that had been squeezed of all water out of it. No more tears left to cry. Ash pushed the film in the player and threw the controller at me. “Don’t start without me.” And then he went to microwave some popcorn. I skipped the adverts and got to the main menu. I ditched the controller and went to see how the popcorn was coming along. I say that to myself but in reality I wanted to be around Ash more. I found him staring at the closed microwave door almost as if his sheer gaze could make it pop faster. With a ‘ping’ the microwave ended and still unaware Ash pulled it out and tasted it, taking greedy handfuls at a time. “Hey! Greedy!” I caught him mid chew and snatched the packet away from him. He followed me back to the gaming room and then playfully tackled me to the sofa. “Time out! Time out! I surrender!” I held up the popcorn and he let go of me, to take the food. I snatched up the controller and pressed play.


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