Willow House (First of a Saga)

Cassie Brooks, a girl with a background. No one wants her, no one needs her. So when she joins Willow House, what will the inmates think of their new member?


7. Secrets are Never kept Forever.


(A/N: Ohhhhh Charley reminds me soooo much of Near ^_^ hehehehheh, this story is so old, if your still reading, I am truely sorry for how bad it is....)


I had officially broken any friendships had had with Ash and pushed the boundary line further with Teresa. Why did I have to open up and tell the truth? Why didn’t I just keep me and Liam a secret? I am such an idiot. I got up and left Liam with Teresa on our centre table in the dining room to get some food. But I wouldn’t eat. I was still too choked up about Ash. Did he really want to be more than friends? I guess I had ruined any chances of being friends now. I bought myself a chocolate cookie, one of my favourite treats, and headed back to the table. As I approached I saw Teresa leaning nearly all the way over the table having a full on argument with Liam. Great, I had done it again. “Just leave it Teresa, who cares anyway?”I sat back down and Teresa crept back into her seat. “I miss something?” I heard the sarcasm in my voice and I hoped Teresa heard it too. “Nothing babe, don’t worry about a thing, I got us covered.” Liam took me back in his arms and kissed my cheek teasingly. I broke my cookie in my hands and ate it chunk by chunk. Liam twirled my messy hair and whispered something to me I didn’t quite get. Molly strutted over to our table and I removed myself from Liam by accident. I had got into a habit. She leant over the table and displayed her half buttoned shirt as she did. “Liamy, can I talk to you a sec?” Liam sighed and made his way out of the table. I watched him walk with Molly all the way to the doors of the dining hall. She talked to him, and her face changed from sweet and flirty to mean and nasty every so often. Liam hardly spoke and I wished I could hear what they were saying. I picked up my bag and stuffed the last of my cookie into my mouth, making an effort to get out of the table and head towards drama. I didn’t need drama class; I had enough drama in my life.


I plodded into drama and took off my bag, blazer and shoes, leaving my blouse and tie illuminating the dark room. I picked up a chair and began the circle. One by one, my class mates entered and did the same, joining the circle. No one came and sat next to me. I waited for Ash or Liam to come in, and for a second I thought I’d see Teresa, but then I remembered she was in a different class to me. Molly cat walked her way in and flipped her hair from side to side, letting the blue highlights swish against her face. She removed whatever she had left without getting inappropriate and sat across from me in the large circle that was forming. Finally Liam walked in, looking a little more bruised than before. He left his blazer on (he could even look good in that!) but removed his shoes and came to sit next to me. Close after Ash walked in, but he didn’t look at me, or even sit next to me. Instead he sat closer to Molly’s group and the pretty plastic from science. I turned my attention back to Liam, who was slouched on the chair next to me. I looked him over and his hand was a bit bloody. My hands caressed the sores and he looked down at me, looking slightly sad. I tightened my grip over his hand and he yelped. “Oh my God, I’m sorry!” He smiled, and took his hand away. The room had gone deathly silent. I looked up at my teacher and whispered a silent apology. She began the lesson, explaining different vocal techniques. I was hardly listening. Instead I was more worried about what Molly had now done to Liam. The teacher dismissed into groups to practice roles and voice changes. I followed Liam to grab a script and I read through it slowly. It was for three actors. I looked up at Ash when I saw there were two boys and a girl in the piece, but he didn’t look my way. I walked up to him and turned him to face me. “Ash! Stop ignoring me, you can’t blank me out forever.” He picked up his head and he seemed completely different. He had a completely different attitude and looked like he was one of them who were going to rip my throat out. “I can try.” He smirked, but followed me back to where Liam was waiting. I hoped this meant my Ash was back.


We really just talked most of the lesson. We had gone through the script and had become bored of it. We talked about the things that were most needed to be discussed. Ash seemed cockier and more stubborn minded; he had also gotten a hell of a lot more flirtatious. “So. You and Cassie, since when? And oh, when were you going to tell us?” I breathed in and pulled my short skirt down as a way to buy some time. Ash winked at me as I did and I sent him a glare back. “Like I said.” I cleared my throat. “Only recently.” I let my eyes dart around the room to make sure no one was listening in. “How recently?” Now he was just taking the mickey. “Oh, y’know, yesterday.” I cringed as I awaited his response. “Oh really. How interesting.”  I played with my bracelet anxiously. “Ash, we’re, like, still mates. Right?” I didn’t know how to approach this subject. What with his new attitude. I forgot Liam was still sat there. Ash thought it over. “I’ll think I don-” He was messing with me. I hoped. “No Ash, tell me.” He smiled and leaned closer to me. So close he could kiss me if he wanted to. He whispered in my ear. “Leave Liam. I mean it Cassie. He’ll hurt you. Not like me...” His hand rested close to my leg. But I didn’t notice what he was doing, I was realizing what he was saying and the way his attitude shifted back to his usual self. Then he was moody again. “Think about that chick.” Liam hit him, not to hurt him, but to warn him. I didn’t know why until I looked down and saw that Ash had his hand on my leg. I pulled away and he pulled back. “Ash, if you get any closer to my girlfriend I’m going to make sure you never see her again.” Ash looked at me as if to say I told you so. But I ignored him and shuffled up closer to Liam. He had his arm round the back of me. He didn’t touch me but I felt more secure just knowing he was close.


Ash continued with the attitude all lesson and carried it on into English. I ended up sat on the back table that was hidden in the corner of the classroom and guess who I was sat with, Ash Grangefield. Great. Liam wasn’t too happy about it, but he kept stum. Ash was sat really close to me and I was scared he would start flirting with me. Really bad. We were reading a book today. I wasn’t sure of the title only the fact that Ash was playing footsy under the table with me. I kicked him. Hard. “Ow babes, easy on the juice man!” I nearly slapped him. “Ash!” I looked around and once again forgave the teacher for my insolence. I lowered my voice to a whisper. “Ash! I am not your babe, got it? And stop playing footsy with me under the table!” I tried to get my head in the story, but it wasn’t doing anything for me. Ash seemed to become his self again. “I’m not giving up. I know you love me and I love you too. Remember that Cassie. When he isn’t there for you, I will be.” I looked him in the eyes and nearly cried. He could be so cute when he wanted to. I felt him touch my leg under the table. “Ash!” I swatted him with my hand. “Okay, okay I get it. Not till you and Liam are over, but I can’t wait that long babe.” That devilish attitude was back. “Ash, one thing, I just got with Liam I’m not going to break up with him. Two, you shouldn’t touch me anyway and three you called me babe again!” He pushed his finger to his lips as Liam looked over at me. “Shhhh! Fine I’ll try not to, but I couldn’t lay my eyes off you since you came to Willow. Just give me some credit.” I dismissed the conversation and focused on the story. I knew Ash was still very close to me, but I couldn’t be bothered telling him anymore. I let English fly by, so I could get home and out of these itchy tights.


I helped pack away the books and found myself to be the only person left in the classroom. I walked on out and avoided the gang circling Molly, coming out of the English department onto the concrete and the gates. There waited Liam and a sombre looking Ash. We walked our way back to Willow House and Liam took my hand in his. Ash looked like he was going to kill someone. “God, Liam let her go for once will yah? You’re like an over protective-” Liam let go of my hand and rammed Ash into the wall of someone’s gates along Willow Road. What’s with the Willows? Liam pulled Ash forward by the collar and bashed him into the wall again. “I will do what I like with Cassie, because me and her are together and there’s nothing you can do about it!” I had to stop Liam, or else he was going to strangle Ash. “Liam! Stop!” I got between him and Ash. I pushed him away and he registered me in front of him. Liam changed and wrapped his arms around me. “Don’t hurt Ash. You don’t want to hurt him.” He pulled me closer and I wound my arms around his neck. Kissing him softly. I pulled away when Ash made a vomiting noise. “Don’t!” I stopped Liam from going again. I started walking away and towards Willow House, sure enough the boys followed. Liam looped his hand back into mine and we walked like that the whole way up the drive and into the house. I hoisted my bag on my shoulder and nicked a biscuit from the tin in the kitchen. I snuck out with Liam still holding my hand and up to my room where I could be alone with him.


“You naughty girl.” I fed him the last of my biscuit. “Oh I know, aren’t I. Arrest me officer.” I smiled at him and he pulled me onto his lap. “Ash has changed.” I blurted out my thoughts when I was comfortable. Liam sighed and kissed me. “No, that’s how he usual was. The sensitive him was the change. Looks like good old Ash is back. Great. Don’t let him touch you Cassie. You’re all mine.” I giggled as he tickled me, making me fall onto my back on my bed. He laid beside me but kept my hand in his. I looked into his eyes and fell in love all over again.


Love has mysterious ways of making you hate one another. But all the lovers in stories are broken apart by someone intervening. In my life, it is just the same. If it isn’t Ash its Molly. So there I was having an amazing moment with my Liam when SHE comes in. “What the hell?!” Hands on hips, lips pouted. I sat up and brought Liam up with me. “Since when was it alright for you to come in my bedroom?” I challenged her. “Since it was alright for you to date my guy!” My mouth fell open. I swung round at Liam. “You lied to me?” My voice jittered with the sobs that were building in my throat. “No! Cassie, you have to believe me! I told you I’d never go out with her!” I stood up and took a step away from him. The tears were boiling over now. “That’s not what you said to me, Liam Davenport! You promised that after everything was settled we’d sort it out.” Molly came forward. My head hurt from the shouting. I clasped it between my hands. “Molly that was ages ago! Before I met Cassie and you know it! Stop trying to ruin everything!” I threw my hands down. “So everything was a lie. Everything I did, everything I felt for you was a betrayal of myself? Well that’s what it looks like Liam.” I wiped a tear off from my cheek. “I... I loved you Liam.” I turned away I couldn’t look anymore. “Cassie! I love you as well; don’t let her ruin what we have! I never lied to you. It was real for me too.” I swung round and knocked over the already broken mirror. I noticed the ‘was’ in his sentence. “No! You’re lying again!” He tried to catch me but I pulled away. I paused at the doorway and turned to Molly. “I hope your happy bitch.” Then I stormed away crying the whole time. I ran up the second flight of stairs to the only other person I trusted.


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