Willow House (First of a Saga)

Cassie Brooks, a girl with a background. No one wants her, no one needs her. So when she joins Willow House, what will the inmates think of their new member?


3. Public Enemy.


“Ash, aren’t you and Liam, like, best buds?” I had managed to get him seated, but that’s if I could keep him there. “Yes. Well, we were. But Molly, if you haven’t noticed, is all over Liam and intends it to stay that way. Well, let’s just say I was helping my mate out, and Madame Molly didn’t like it. And I ended up on the wrong end of everything. He acts like my mate, but he’s not really. But you’ll learn, that round here, it’s best not to let everything you know, slip into Mark or Eleanor’s hands.” I guessed that Eleanor was the welcoming woman with no fashion sense. Then his words dawned on me. “She hurt you?!” I leaned on the table closer to him so I could read his face to tell if he was lying to me. A trick I picked up along the way. He simply nodded. The realization of her actions hit me like a punch in the gut. I stood up not realising myself what I was doing, and marched my up to Molly’s room. “No! Cassie! Don’t!” Ash was chasing me, but I couldn’t control my body, it was living a life on its own. A very dangerous life. I kicked open her door and the beam of blue hit me like a bomb. But I stayed strong, I couldn’t falter now. “Oh, hi, anything I can do for the dog?” Ash came up panting behind me. I lurched forward but he wrapped his arm around my waist holding me back. “No Ash! Let me go! Let me claw her eyes out, the bitch!” whilst I struggled with Ash, Molly came up and slammed the magazine she was reading down on the desk, making the light waver. “Tut, tut shouldn’t use bad language Cassie. But then who could blame you? You’re just finding out the secrets of Willow house. Not like your important or anything.” She smiled like a witch and I wished Ash would let me go. I stopped struggling as she came closer. She bent down and clutched my face in her claws. She smirked when I couldn’t fight back. Then she came face to face with Ash. “Let her go, I don’t mind a fight. You’re both push overs.” I stood up straight and hoped Ash would let me go. But he didn’t he kept a firm grip on my waist holding me close to him. “Leave her alone Molly. She’s not to blame.” She tapped her chin, deep in thought. “Yes, your right. It’s your fault.” He let me go then and stood tall up against her. But I was still pissed. I swung past Ash and planted a hard push with all my body behind it. Sending Molly crashing into her desk. The light flickered and then shorted completely. Only the glare of the moon could incline any clues to what she did next. I felt the ice cold blade before I felt the urge to pull away. Molly was wearing a psycho’s grin as she held the pen knife against my throat. “Let her go Molly. Now.” Liam appeared in the doorway. Casual as ever. Molly reluctantly pulled away and set her lamp up, shedding light into the room. I breathed and turned to leave, Ash in tow. I nodded at Liam as I passed him, thanking him.

As soon as I was past Molly’s room and into mine, I turned to Ash and hugged him. Tight. It was only when I pulled away and saw tear marks on his shirt that I realized I was crying. “Are you alright, God Cassie, don’t scare me like that. Ever. Promise me.” I laughed through my tears. “I promise.” He pulled me back into a hug and I felt him be more himself than ever before.  “How cute.” I jumped away from Ash to find Liam stood now at my doorway. He looked slightly battered and hurt, sore even. Tired. I ran up to him instinctively and wrapped him in my embrace. He stumbled at my weight, not expecting me to come upon him like this. “Thank you.” I whispered the words into his shoulder as he tightened his arms around me. My body came alive again. It got recharged by the sparks that I felt when we touched. Did I love him? No that can’t be right. But it can... My inner self might not be all bad. It seemed like forever before he pulled away from me. “Are you alright? Did she hit you?” He chuckled and stuffed his hands into his pockets. “Don’t worry about me, I can handle Molly. But you two can’t, you got that?” He included Ash with his eyes. Ash didn’t move and I didn’t exactly nod. I couldn’t agree to leave her alone. I slept next door to her for God’s sake! Me and her were not finished. Not yet. Liam left me and Ash once more and I watched as he left as well to go to his own room. He paused at the doorway and looked back, keeping his back to me. He looked sad. “I’ll talk to Mark in the morning about getting your room changed.” I had to jump in there. “Oh, no don’t bother. I’ll live.” He didn’t seem too convinced but he didn’t argue. As much as I would love to get away from Molly, I couldn’t stand the word coward being spread around the home like butter over toast.

Instead of dwelling on Molly I decided to prepare my beat up body for bed. I let Ash out of my room and then I changed into my PJ’s humming a tune that was altogether made up and stupid. But I kept it quiet, with a psychopathic Molly next door, who knew when trouble could emerge. I shimmied my short bottoms up my legs and climbed into bed, to find I was exhausted, but not tired. Weird how your body does that. Whilst trying to force myself to sleep I thought of Liam and his touch. Now I sound like a love struck teenager. You are I wish that would shut up. But what if I really am in love with Liam. That won’t go down well with Molly. I let my eyelids droop and I fell into a dreamless sleep. A sleep without food.

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