Willow House (First of a Saga)

Cassie Brooks, a girl with a background. No one wants her, no one needs her. So when she joins Willow House, what will the inmates think of their new member?


5. Make Ups and Break Ups.


After a horrible endurance at the hospital, me and Liam finally ended up back at Willow House. Mark was in a flurry when we entered the hallway; he was checking my newly bandaged hand and making me eat something. I was grateful for this. I eagerly came into the kitchen and snatched the ham sandwich laying there. I couldn’t stop eating, I didn’t want to stop. That’s how hungry I was. Liam sat in his usual seat and had a sandwich with me. I smiled at him and he wound his hand into mine under the table. Mark left the kitchen and left me and Liam alone. I allowed myself to enjoy the rush I got from his touch, but then I had to let go. “What’s wrong?” I pulled my hand up onto the table. “I can’t Liam, if Molly finds out; I’m more dead than I already am.” I finished my sandwich and got up, pulled my embarrassing miniskirt down and headed for the stairs. I skipped up the stairs and paused as I past Molly’s room. I didn’t have the will to get my own back. But I would, I had to I couldn’t let her get away with dropping acid on me. Instead I dumped everything I had on my bed in the room I had claimed and purposely pulled the ripped blind down. I wasn’t going to miss it tonight. Just as it hit the sill of the balcony window, Liam entered my room.

“You’re scared of her.” It wasn’t a question but I answered it anyway. “I’m not scared, I’m weary, I’ve got enough to deal with at the moment and I can’t hurt anyone anymore.” I flashed him my hand as if to prove just one of my many problems. Liam came from behind and held me close, his arms snaking round the front of me. I let him rest his head against mine and I twisted in his arms to see his face. He stroked my cheek with his hand, and I shivered at how cold he was. I looked behind him and saw Molly, staring holes into me. I pushed Liam away and he looked hurt but then he followed my eyes to see Molly, crossed armed and moody. “What do yah want bitch? Got a problem? Say it. Oh and how about saying sorry? You hurt Cassie. And no one hurts Cassie. Got it?” Liam sounded like he was going to kill her. Molly was astounded by the way he spoke to her, and I would if it was me. She nodded sheepishly and ran into her room, slamming her door behind her. I was stunned. Since when was I Liam’s best friend? “Liam, you didn’t have to do that.” I moved past him and shut my door so I had more privacy than before. “Yes I do. She’s not going to hurt you anymore. No one is. I promise you that. Promise me Cassie, you won’t let her walk all over you.” He came close to me and looked me deeply in the eyes. I saw the love there, but I wouldn’t dare ask him if he really did care. Not yet, maybe not ever. “I promise.” I was making a lot of promises. Some I might not be able to keep.

I stayed as still as I could while Liam held me arms distance. But I heard people clambering up the stairs and so I pushed him away and showed him the door. “I’ll see you at dinner then. Thanks, again. I guess I owe you one again.” I smiled at him as he reached for my arm. I shook him off as I saw Ash walking up the stairs followed by Corey and Teresa. Liam walked away and Ash came up to me looking deadly serious. “Oh my God Cassie! I’m going to kill her, Molly is dead. Is your hand alright?” He inspected my hand and my fingers welcomed the warmth of his fingers over mine. He stepped past me and went to sit on my bed. As I turned to shut the door, I saw Teresa herd Corey into their animal print room, Corey smiling a sun my way as she passed. I waved back and closed the door, preparing my speech, cutting out the bad and exaggerating on the good. Ash should like this.

“Look Ash, I know you keep telling me that Liam isn’t who he seems, but I’ve seen him when he is himself, I know he can be an alright guy. I don’t understand how Molly can break you two apart.” I sat down on my disgruntled bed covers next to him. “Can we drop it? Please I can’t think with all this nagging.” I pulled a face again and he laughed once more at my stupidity. “Fine.” I said. “But you’ll want to know what happened when we got back.” I punched him lightly on the shoulder. He looked at me with pleading eyes. “Well, me and Liam were in my room waiting for you lot to come home.” Slight truth bending. “And Molly appeared at the door with her little moody face on, and boy did Liam kick ass, he stunned her into silence.” I was smiling the whole time I said it but I knew I was still bending the truth in my favour. I couldn’t tell Ash about how I felt around Liam; He’d kill me if I did. Ash looked sick, he had turned pasty white colour and was staring at me ghostly eyes. “One thing, he was in your bedroom? And second, he kicked off at Molly over you? You do realize Cassie, that that’s going to have major consequences on your behalf.” He knocked the happiness right out of me. “Yeah, he was in my bedroom, just like you are now. And maybe it’ll tell Molly to back off? Ever thought of that?” I was about to lose my temper real bad. And I had no idea why. Ash hadn’t really done anything wrong. But then I had bent the truth. And I still was. “Cassie you promised me you wouldn’t get involved with Molly anymore.” I sighed. “Wrong, Ash you made me promise you never to scare you like that again.” He hung his head. “True. But I’m not the only one who’s bending the truth around here.” He dismissed whatever I was going to say and walked out of my room. Leaving me feeling very lonely, and once again exhausted. I better eat tonight.

No sooner had I laid down on my bed, Liam appeared at my doorway. I’ll have everyone there by the end of the night if this carries on. “Hey, its tea, Eleanor will kill you if you miss her curry night.” He was grinning like a school boy kid. I wanted to get up but I was still too tired. I groaned, “Do I have to get up or can I, like, die here?” I closed my eyes but I don’t think Liam gives up that easily. “Come on, Eleanor may look big and scary-” I laughed at that. “-But she makes the meanest curry in England.” I sighed. Very loudly. But sat up. Liam offered his hand and I took it, he pulled me up off of my bed, but I wasn’t playing along and ended up on my bottom. We both were in laughing fits when a very stern voice shouted; “Get down, or miss your curry! And you know what happens when you miss your curry!” Liam scampered to his feet, dragging me with him. As we ran hand in hand down the staircase and reached the kitchen, I let his hand go again. I couldn’t risk Molly actually thinking anything. I came in and took my usual seat next to Liam. Molly wasn’t sat in her usual seat in fact she was sat next to an extremely uncomfortable looking Ash opposite me. I ended up with a hot chicken masala on my plate. I ate it but it wasn’t really my cup of tea. I took several swigs of my drink and nearly drank through a bottle. That doesn’t sound good. And I felt on edge all the time I was eating, as Molly was peering over her food at me the entire time. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. I set my plate in the sink and walked into the gaming room. I looked over at the comfy chairs and nearly succumbed to their soft velvety surface. But I couldn’t I had to keep myself awake, so that I’d sleep the night.

I sat on the edge of the pool table and thought over today. So, I’d hit someone, got away with it. Had acid spilt on me, went to hospital, Molly got away with it. Felt something for Liam the whole day, had Liam shout Molly away and most likely damaged my relationship between me and Ash. Anything else? Well if there were I wouldn’t be able to think about them now. When Molly’s around.

Molly paraded into the gaming room, sent me a disgusted look and sat on one of the comfy chairs. I thought she might keep quiet but then apparently I’m always wrong. “So, does Ash know of you and Liam’s secret relationship?” I was astounded. I didn’t even have a relationship with Liam. But you wish you had. Shut up Cassie. “I do not have a relationship with Liam. So there’s nothing to tell.” I contemplated getting off the pool table, but then Liam strode in, most likely coming to play a game. “Hey, want a game?” I looked up and realized he was talking to me, the one sat on the pool table. “Erm, yeah, whatever.” I jumped down and grabbed a cue stick. Once we had the game set up, I was happily winning. For once. “Like I said.” Molly piped up from the sofa, to be honest; I had completely blanked her out, forgetting she was actually there. “What do you want Molly?” Liam stopped playing and looked like he was ready to fight her. Over nothing. “I was just wondering.” She flipped a page of her magazine. The same one from the night before. “If Ash knew of your relationship, he is very sensitive you know.” She exaggerated on sensitive. She’d over heard me and Liam talking. “We are not in a relationship Molly, we’re just really good friends. Right Liam?” I heard my own breathing in the pause he had. Oh he didn’t actually think something did he? Because I had just ruined it if he did. “Yeah. Just good friends.” He didn’t seem happy, but he continued playing. And won me in one shot. Pfft. “Sounds really believable.” Molly strutted out of the room and supposedly up the stairs. I just ruined everything.

“There. I win.” Liam put the cue down to declare his win. “Yeah. You always do.” I smiled at him, but he didn’t smile back. “Look Liam I’m sorry, but I can’t deal with Molly twisting my words right now. I’m so sorry if I hurt you.” I went to touch his arm just like before, but he walked away. “Don’t worry about it.” I let my hand drop. I felt so empty inside and that is impossible to achieve. I put my cue down and headed for my room. Not that I’d find any comfort from it. I wanted to go to Liam and tell him I’m sorry. That I didn’t mean it. I headed past my room and went for Liam’s but I knocked into Ash on the way. “Hey watch it!” He hadn’t realized who’d bumped into him. “Oh, Ash I’m sorry, I... I don’t know!” He turned to me and I guessed I was crying. I pushed past him, but had no idea where to go. Did I dare go to Liam’s room with Ash watching? No. Should I go back to my room? No, he’d follow me. I was stuck. Until Ash left. And that’s exactly what he did. He left me alone in the corridor. I was going to shout after him but it would put me in the same complication as before. Instead I tapped on Liam’s door. “Come in.” I pushed the door open. “Go away.” He didn’t even look up at me. “No. I’m not going to go away.” He looked up then. I guessed the tears were still there. He sighed and got up off of his bed. He closed the door behind me and then took me off guard, into hug. I had no place for my arms to go but up. And I ended having them wrapped round his neck. “I’m sorry Cassie. I was stupid, that’s all I am these days. Stupid.” I hugged him tighter. “You’re not stupid. You’re amazing.” I had no idea what I was saying, but it felt right. He pushed me up against the wall. “Do you forgive me?” He kissed me lightly on the lips and I went dizzy. “Yes.” Was all I could answer. “I guess this means...” I daren’t say it in case it wasn’t true. He chuckled. “Yes, yes it does. Cassie Brooks, I love you.” I smiled and let myself fall into him again. Sparks shot up my body, and my life was once again complete.

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