Willow House (First of a Saga)

Cassie Brooks, a girl with a background. No one wants her, no one needs her. So when she joins Willow House, what will the inmates think of their new member?


18. Life's Little Twists.


The lights were off, a lot like the last time, when Molly had jumped me. I reached for the wall just like last time and as soon as I touched its cold surface, the lights flashed back on. The hum of the bulbs returned and the fear in my body had also returned. Where was Molly? Obviously she was after me again. Why delay my fate any longer? Nevertheless, her icy, heartless face appeared, pinning me to the wall again. Her blue hair in my face. I spat it out and she made a highly unattractive grimace. She produced the penknife again, showing the blade much like she had done before. “I’ll make sure you stay away from him.” What? I don’t get it! She doesn’t care about Ash, she wouldn’t know about us two, and so why is she- I screamed. Mid thought. I looked down and saw her mark an ‘X’ close to my heart or where it would be, because right now it was in my throat. I heard footsteps, but I don’t think Molly did, she was too consumed by what she was doing. At least I wasn’t bleeding as badly this time. I couldn’t see who tore the maniac from me, but whoever it was got their fair share, Molly reacted upon instinct and stabbed the knife into whoever saved me’s leg, he (I gathered it was a he by the grunting and the cursing) stumbled back. “Well, I come back, save a life and get stabbed by a knife wielding bitch maniac!” Shock was the first thing that ran through my body and then guilt. I know that voice, my saviour, was Liam. “Oh my god! Liam I’m so sorry, wait no!” Molly dropped the blood stained knife and Mark looped her in his arms, hauling her away. She was screaming and kicking, but it was no good. I gained sense and unfroze from the spot. I ran up to Liam and clutched his leg. It wasn’t too bad a wound but still. “Ah! Hey!” His voice turned from pain filled to a joyous tone. I didn’t look at him. I couldn’t, I was still feeling too guilty to deserve him to even talk to me never mind look at me. I took a layer of bandage off of my arm and wrapped the layer tightly around his leg. He protested how I’d ripped my own off but didn’t stop me from helping him. He came to join me on his knees. I wiped my eyes, the tears I forgot about, and got up to run away. But my chest ached so bad, I touched the wound then inspected my hand, covered in blood. I saw it shake, felt my knees buckle and lost focus. Blurry images of faces. But the only one I recognized was Liam’s. He caught me and held onto me like I was some ragdoll. I felt sparks alight my weak body, and for the first time since, felt completely, at home. ***** It was my own bed once again I woke up in, the quilts were too rough and my body was over heating, but I wasn’t alone. I had him beside me.  Holding my hand. I pulled it out of his grasp. “I don’t-” He cut me off. “Oh Cassie! Oh, Cassie baby, no, this is my entire fault.” I looked up into his eyes, he was crying. A guy. Crying. And what made it even more unbelievable was it was Liam crying. Liam Davenport. I felt my own salty tears prickle my eyes at the sight of him again. I grabbed him. To check if he was real. He sat on the bed and pulled me into his arms. I felt the safety of his arms encase me. I held onto his neck and wound my hands into his hair. Then he kissed me. Something my lips had been waiting for, for so long. They yearned his gentle touch. He pulled back. Something was wrong. Then I felt it myself, probably different to Liam’s. “You... You seem, different.” I licked my lips consciously and felt the guilt spike through me, and image of Ash, how he held me flowed with it. I gritted my teeth, holding back the sickening need to wrench. Liam pulled me in, thinking his words had hurt me. I held on tight because I needed him. Like you’d needed Ash. Oh this was painful. As I looked over Liam’s shoulder I saw the shadowed figure of Ash stand in the doorway. He looked sad, depressed, hurt. Hurt. I’d hurt him. I felt the tears fall onto Liam’s shoulder. “Ash.” I whispered and Liam swivelled round. “Hey! Granger! Missed you pal!” He left me on the bed to guy hug him. I saw nothing but disgust on Ash’s face towards me. A fake smile for Liam. I got up and slowly came to them. I opened my arms to hug him, and after hesitating, Ash took me into his arms. He lifted me off the ground and held on tight. I whispered into his ear. “I’m so sorry.” He put me down.  “Get better beautiful.” Then he tilted my chin up, I felt my palms sweat as I remembered Liam beside us, I hoped he remembered too. He headed for my lips but then adjusted himself and kissed me on the cheek. “Oh yeah?” Liam piped up beside us. A cocky, sly emotion played all over his face. The crooked smile I fell in love with. “Well, I know she’s beautiful mate, but-” he snaked his arm around my waist and then yanked me to his side –“She’s mine.” I looked down, ashamed of what I’d done to Ash.  “Yeah? Well, you didn’t want her, you left her, and you hated her. Remember that. Remember who was there for her when you weren’t.” Ash winked playfully, a new bold side to him erupting. He had just let us in for it now, he’d let Liam in. He’d told him just through cocky banter there was something we were hiding. Oh Ash, you monumental dick. He walked out, playing it cool. Leaving me and Liam alone. Now comes the interrogation. How was I to choose? I’d loved Liam since I arrived at Willow; it was love at first sight right? Or was it? I don’t even remember anymore. But everything Ash had done for me, cared for me, made me feel loved when I had no Liam to do so. My nagging part of me was raging with an ‘I told you so’ but I buried it with the guilt I was feeling. “What did he mean Cassie?” Liam pulled me to him, both arms around my waist. He was perfect. Just a little taller, so I didn’t have to tip toe too much, cocky, yet could care, beautiful, well, yes he was. I clasped my hands to his face, stroked his cheeks. “How’s the leg?” He rolled his eyes. “Fine, but no dodging questions.”  “Nothing happened.” I said it with the best monotone voice I had. He didn’t seem to buy it, but right now, we weren’t up for banter. “I’m so sorry Cassie. I’m sorry I left you, I’m sorry for everything I’ve put you through.” “And what you’ll put me through again.”  “What?” I didn’t mean for him to hear that. I cleared my throat. “Your only visiting, soon, I’ll be alone again.” He smiled. And I was upset I didn’t know why I pressed him to cough it out. “Well, what if I said... I was coming back?” I was stunned. “I’d be stunned.” No shit Sherlock. Shut up Cassie. “Well, better get stunned.” He leaned me down, all romantic and old fashioned, kissing me as I lay in his arms, my weight supported by his arms. I laughed mid-kiss and ruined it, but soon enough we were both laughing. How I’d missed him. “I forgive you... I-I can’t live too well without you.” He held my hand on my bed, which we’d ended up laying on. He chuckled. “I noticed.” I grabbed a pillow and hit him with it, not too hard. He grabbed my wrists. “I’ll arrest you.” He winked and that cocky grin was there, I pulled out of his grasp and kissed him. He kissed me back, but I pulled away, images of the nights I spent kissing Ash in this same bed. I frowned. “What’s wrong?” He pulled my waist to him and so the rest of me followed. “Nothing.” He smiled. “I’m not going to argue today.” A smile broke out on my face, through the pain and the guilt I felt, that had been burying it all afternoon. “But tell me this... Who would you choose?” I sat up. Oh no. Please no! “What d’you mean?” I fiddled with something to seem uninterested, yet I was already aware of his answer. “Between me and Ash.” He came to sit behind me, a head on my shoulder, whispering in my ear. “Don’t deny that something happened, I know he must have rustled in sooner or later, just...” I felt my heart skip a beat. “Just tell me. Who would it be?” 




                                                                           End, For Now.

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