Willow House (First of a Saga)

Cassie Brooks, a girl with a background. No one wants her, no one needs her. So when she joins Willow House, what will the inmates think of their new member?


9. I'm in the Lost and Found.


(A/N: So, thoughts?? Liam or Ash? hehe! Oh my, I can remember when me and VampireBunny2154 would read each others stories at sleep overs :3 her story, Nightmares was one I read and she was stuck with this shit haha:) Check her out, she's my best friend and totally random. If you like werewolf stories, do check out Nightmares!!! Lots of love, BeyondLawliet *goes back to pasting the story in*)

((A/N: I'm copying this from Wattpad, seen as it was on there and ive seemed to have misplaced it due to my new laptop... SO, VampireBunny2154 is one of my best friends, and shes a real good writer, Please do check her out if you have a Wattpad account, unless you love me more;) ((unlikely)) anyways, do enjoy my story!))

“Everything, you ruined my life.” I was going to kill her, sneaking in on me all the time. Molly was fuming. Her eyes looked like they could turn red at any moment. “Oh no, sounds like you did that all on your own.” Confused I let my head rest on Liam’s chest. He tightened his grip on my waist. Molly smirked and flashed a dull brown file that had my name written in bold on the top. She opened it up. “You are so violent aren’t you Cassie? And so dumb, so very dumb.” I tried to move but Liam held me in place. “Oh looky here, seems you’re a murderer as well.” I pulled out of Liam’s hands and pushed the bitch onto the floor. “I am no murderer! They got it wrong. They think I did it because no one else was there! They did the easy thing and blamed it on the lost little girl. So shut up, got it?” I towered over her. Liam picked up the file which Molly had dropped. He read it and looked up at me, sadder than before. “I didn’t do it Liam! I didn’t!” I went to him but he backed away. “Cassie, I...” He shook his head. “I thought you were lost, and alone and just here because you were like the rest of us. You need a jail cell girl, not a care home!” I stepped back. “You really think that? It’s not true, I swear down! I saw the murderer, and guess what? It wasn’t me!” Charley came in looking equally as sad. He ran up to me. “Don’t Charley get back from her.” Molly snatched his hand and pulled him towards Liam. Corey and Teresa came to the doorway. “What’s happened now?” Teresa snapped. “Cassie’s not who she says she is.” Liam’s voice was as flat and cold as ice. “Liam, please believe me.” My tears were running out. Finally Ash came in I looked over at the window and started walking towards it. Ash came bounding up behind me and knocked me flat to the ground. “Get away from her Ash, she’s a murderer!” Molly went all movie girl and reached for Ash’s hand. “Back off bitch! Cassie aint no murderer!” He pulled me to my feet and whispered in my ear. “And you aint suicidal either.” Ash took his hand into mine. “Ash believes me, why don’t you?” My voice was barely a whisper, but Liam heard it loud and clear. “Because it’s there, on paper.” Ash stepped forward releasing my hand. “So, you believe a scrap of paper over your girlfriends own heart?” Liam looked him and kept a poker face. “But she isn’t my girlfriend.” I felt my lip quaver. “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Since when was there a makeup and breakup session going on?” Teresa piped up with Corey looking confused. I knew how she felt.


Liam let a tear fall. “I...I never want to see you again.” He was having trouble getting it out and I was having trouble keeping myself from killing the over jolly Molly next to him. Ash spat down at him. “Come on Cassie.” He took my hand and tugged but I stayed put. “Tell them Liam!” I kept my own poker face and caught everyone’s attention. “Tell them you’re leaving!” Molly looked horrified. “Wha-what?” She barely held her tears back. Liam looked hurt. He turned to everyone. “Yeah, so I’m leaving to live with my step-brother, that so bad?” Molly lost it and started crying whilst hurdling her way to her room. I stood there waiting till everyone left, one by one. Charley came up to me and hugged my leg. “I believe you Cwassie.” I smiled down at his little face then he and Freddy walked away. Leaving me, Ash and Liam alone. “You’re leaving? Wow, bombshell.” Ash squeezed my hand as I kept staring at Liam. “Yeah, so get used to it.” Through my stare I felt my last tear prickle over and drop down my cheek. I murmured as he past; “I still love you, and I always will.” He stopped and looked up at me, like he had before he had started hating me. He kissed my cheek and I wrapped my only free hand around his neck and fell into the deepest kiss I had ever had. It was desperate and passionate and needy. I wanted him so much that I almost forgot that I was holding Ash’s hand and he was still there. Liam wrapped his arms around me in a brief hug and then pulled out of the kiss. Leaving me with just Ash.


Ash looked anywhere than at my face. “Ash! Please look at me. Don’t leave me.” He looked at me then. “Looks like me and Liam are over.” I sat on the floor, pulling him down with me. I let my head rest against him. “Looks like me and Liam are over, seen as he’s going.” Ash didn’t let go of my hand. I felt comfortable and happy, so I let out my thoughts. “Do you love me Ash?” I snapped my mouth shut. He laughed into my hair. “You come out with the most random of things at the weirdest of times.” I laughed back and it was free and easy and warmed my cold insides. “I’m sorry; I come out with ‘the most random of things’ when I’m comfortable.” I wriggled slightly and let Ash hold my weight. “Comfortable? With all this shit going on?” I stopped laughing. “I meant, when I’m comfortable physically, not emotionally.” He played with my hair as he thought over my comment. “Are you not comfortable emotionally with me?” I sat up and looked him in the eyes. “No, yes, I mean, I am comfortable with you, and I feel... Safe, with you. That better?” I smiled as I corrected myself. He smiled back. “That’s good enough for me.” Ash stood up and took me with him. “Oh yeah.” He smiled. “Looks like I can’t leave yet.” I smiled though my face felt like it wanted to sulk. He pulled me over to the bed, hand in hand and let me lay down. He rolled over me and laid next to me. Just like Liam had. I stopped smiling and got up, but I couldn’t let go of his hand. “I can’t, it brings back too many...” He matched me. “Memories of Liam right?” He sighed but laid back down. I lay next to him keeping my hand in his. I felt guilty now. He stroked my face and came closer to my face that our lips almost touched. I looked away but he held my face with his eyes. Then he kissed my lips. Ash let his hands move up my shirt and I had to push his hands down to stop him going too far. We parted and our breathing was heavy. I was scared, nervous and annoyed, all at the same time. “Why did you do that?” He pulled me closer until I was almost right on top of him. “Because. I want you to know how much I love you.” I breathed in and was about to launch into a massive argument about how he shouldn’t take advantage of me like that when I was nearly ripped apart.


“Get off of her!” Liam had me by the waist and yanking me off of Ash and holding me away from him. “What the hell? I thought you didn’t care anymore? Remember Liam?” He made Liam stammer his way through his words. Ash came up and took me out of Liam’s hands. “Oy! I am not a ragdoll!” Ash encased me in his arms and wouldn’t let go. I felt like I was being choked. “Ash. Let. Me. Go!” I pulled out of his arms and looked Liam in the eyes. “Why say you never want to see me again, when you obviously do?” He lost all the love in his eyes. “I meant it; I just didn’t want my mate being taken advantage of.” I felt my mouth drop open. “What!? Since when was I like that?” I clasped Liam’s shoulders. “It wasn’t her. It was me. But it doesn’t matter, she’s not yours anymore.” Ash tore me away from Liam and took me back. His hand winding its way into mine again. Liam stormed out and slammed the door behind him, making me jump. Once again I ended up upset. I let my hand fall out of Ash’s and I found my bed. Not caring if he followed or left, I fell onto my bed, wanting sleep and awaiting another day of hell. The blind was wide open and I didn’t even care.



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