Willow House (First of a Saga)

Cassie Brooks, a girl with a background. No one wants her, no one needs her. So when she joins Willow House, what will the inmates think of their new member?


12. Goodbye Cassie Brooks.


So I’d spent a day off feeling ill with Ash and done nothing all day. Mark and Eleanor totally bought it and Eleanor even made an extra special curry for us. I wasn’t a big fan, but I was certainly hungry and ate it all. But time caught up too quickly, soon I had been asleep and now I was waking up to Saturday. Saturday. The day before Liam left. I pulled back the duvets and wound up the blind. Staring into space the whole time. I stayed in my Pj’s and tripped down the stairs. Stubbing my toe on the way to the kitchen. Boy, how I hate it when that happens. I silently bypassed the pain and came into the kitchen, where a very perky Ash was helping Charley (and Freddy) butter a slice of toast. I sat down and took a slice from the rack for myself. I didn’t feel hungry, nor did I feel like being happy but I smiled for the benefit of Charley and Ash along with the fact that if I didn’t I’d have repercussions later. “Feeling better this morning Cassie dear?” Eleanor startled me and I answered in a not such convincing way. “Y-yeah fine, thanks.” I buttered my toast absently and looked around for a clock. 9:00 or close enough. Most people wouldn’t be up this time on a Saturday morning. But I was, there was too much to sort out. Plus no one would bother you when you wanted to be alone early in the morning. Liam tramped into the kitchen looking tired and beaten. I smiled awkwardly at him. He noticed me, if that counts for anything. “Well, well! I never thought I’d see the end of you Liam Davenport! Soon you’ll be gone without all this clinging to you!” Mark gripped Liam’s shoulders but shot me a hard glance when he mentioned the word ‘clinging’. Liam got up and pushed Mark away, he exited the kitchen without even speaking. I waited for Mark to turn around and then sprinted after him. I headed for the staircase and as I ascended them I found Molly parading down. “Move.” She pushed my shoulder away. I ignored her and carried on running. When I found Liam’s door, I hesitated. Would he want me to talk to him? I was scared he’d push me away too easily. I braved my consciousness and knocked on the door before opening it to a scene of bedlam.


Clothes and sheets were everywhere and Liam was stood in the middle holding a back pack in one hand. It looked heavy and filled up tight. “Hey! Watch that!” I looked down and tripped on a loose unpacked wire, sending myself into a pile of clothes. I got up and straightened my Pj’s out. Liam didn’t move, as I came closer and weighed the bag. I then chucked it on his bed. “Packing already?” I tried not to let the sadness roll into my words. I wasn’t doing a very good job. “Yeah, I’m going tomorrow. Gotta’ be ready.” He didn’t sound so enthusiastic. “I don’t want to go. I won’t go. I have always done as want and that’s not about to change!” He mumbled some of the time but he was straight on shouting at me now. “You can’t make me go! No one can!” I stepped back. “I’m not forcing you to do anything Liam. I just think, it’d be better for you.” I sounded like a mouse against a lion. Liam sat down on the floor. Slowly. Taking his head in his hands. “I know. But Mark won’t let it go. He’s heard of some distant family member that didn’t even give a shit about me when I was younger and now he wants me gone!” I sat down next to him. “Maybe they didn’t know? Liam, you can’t think the same about everyone-” He looked at me red eyed. “Says the bitch that murdered her own parents!” I let my mouth drop. I felt the tears in my eyes. I looked away from him. He wavered. “I-I didn’t mean it, Cassie. Cassie!” I stood up and looked down at him, my tears falling. “But it’s what you think! You don’t love me, you never did! You just had to have everything; because that’s the sort of asshole you are Liam! For your information, I didn’t murder my parents, the fire did! But your just the same, no one believes me.” I balled my hands into fists and then let them go, my anger turning to sheer pain. “I thought... I thought you were different...” He looked down, away from my eyes. Then he tried to get up. I didn’t give him the time to. “Goodbye Liam. I hope you’re happy.” I stormed out trying not to cry, and rammed the door open to my room, crashing my body onto the bed. It was only morning but I’d already managed to cry again.


Sure enough, someone would disturb my peace. I’d left the bed and found refuge on my window sill; I felt the cold glass as Corey tiptoed into my room. I pulled my knees into my chest and hugged them for comfort. Corey slowly came closer to the window her face was still the same radiant sun that smiled my way, day in day out. But something was different. Her smile seemed slightly false. “I heard you and Liam. I thought...” I looked up and moved so that she could sit down with me. I sighed. “Yeah, tell me about it.” She loosened up slightly. “Don’t tell Teresa I’m here, she doesn’t like it. But that’s not what I meant. I saw you go to the window... I thought you were going to jump.” She looked down and fiddled with the cushion. Well to be honest, I had thought about that a few times, but I wasn’t going to jump over a spit with Liam. You would though... “No! No! Don’t worry Corey and I promise I won’t tell Teresa.” I smiled and it felt good, all this frowning and crying made my face ache. Corey lit up to her usual self and hugged me briefly then skipped her way out of my room. I got up and let my body take me downstairs and into the kitchen, it was becoming a general meeting point. Molly was sat there talking with Mark and Eleanor was planning what to make for dinner. I started to turn around and leave when Mark collared me. “Cassie, come here a minute.” I sulked and then smiled as I turned to face him. I looked at Molly and found her crying silently beside Mark. “Cassie, Liam’s run off somewhere and I was wondering if you had any ideas where he was.” The world seemed to crash down at my feet. Mark’s tone was soft and comforting, I’m guessing only for Molly’s sake. I ran up the stairs and ignored the shouts from the kitchen. I barged past a pissed looking Ash and slammed open Liam’s room. Sure enough there was no Liam. His clothes were gone and most of his stuff was too.


I raced to the window and literally hung myself over the edge, far enough to fall. It had been open. I looked down and saw Liam scuttling down the drain pipe. I flung my leg over the side and brought the over one, feeling like a kid in the playground, I slid like a fireman down the pipe after him. I wasn’t very good but I was faster and nearly ended up on top of him. “Cassie!” I jumped down beside him. “Don’t ‘Cassie’ me!” I came toe to toe with him and shoved the backpack off his shoulder. He looked down at it and paused, then went to pick it up again. “Liam! What are you doing?” I got in his face when he tried to back off. “Going to join the circus, what’d yah think?” He hoisted his backpack and turned away. “Liam!” I grabbed his arm. “You can’t run away! You’re leaving tomorrow!” He ruffled his hair. “Yeah, well I was never good with goodbyes.” He tapped my hand away and started walking towards the back gate. I followed him to a secret exit, hidden behind the larger of the willow trees in the back garden. “Look, Liam, we can sort it. There’s no need to run away!”He turned so sharp I nearly fell into the mud. “Sort it out? Sort it out! How the hell can we sort it out? We hardly talk anymore Cassie, how can we do something if we can’t even do something about ourselves?” I stepped back. “You’re the one who believed Molly. You’re the one that didn’t give a damn about me when you heard her lies, you’re the one, I trusted more than anyone, and you’re the one that let me down.” I stumbled over the last few as my sobs tried to take over. I wiped my eyes fiercely and walked away. I left him stood there and I ran into the house, wishing I hadn’t said anything. But it was too late now.



Ash was talking to Mark and Mark was shouting back at him. “Look where is he? Craig will be here tomorrow and it’ll be a bit of a letdown if he aint here!” Mark’s veins stood out against his neck when he was angry and those veins looked like they were going to pop. Ash looked over at me and Mark followed. “Cassie! Where is he?” I pointed to the hidden gate. “Running away.” Mark stormed out the back door and headed in the direction I had pointed to. Apparently Liam hadn’t budged and came back inside easier than first expected. Ash left the kitchen and headed for the gaming room and crashed on the nearest sofa. I sat neatly on the arm but wasn’t going to stay there long. Ash hurdled me onto the sofa and I ended up lying on his lap. I was tempted to check to see if Liam hadn’t tried to do a runner again, but most of my body refused any ideas of moving. It seemed comfy where it was. Luckily, I could hear Mark shouting at him loud enough to know he was nowhere but inside. We were engrossed in a film when we were ushered into the kitchen for dinner. I wasn’t really too hungry so I picked at my food. Sandwiches are so easy to peel apart and it was easy to make it look like I’d eaten loads by slowly chewing on each bite.  Liam didn’t come down to dinner, and as I made my way back to the game room, feeling slightly sick, I found my seat, (and Ash’s comfy lap) taken. Molly was perched on the edge of the sofa watching the end of the movie. Ash looked like he was half asleep next to her. I sighed half of Saturday was nearly over, and soon Liam would be leaving. Why was I so concerned? It wasn’t like he cared about me anymore. In fact, he seemed less caring than he ever was. I hung my head and headed for the stairs. I wasn’t going to fight with Molly, although it seemed really tempting to push her off her skinny little ass, and I wasn’t going to bother a sleepy Ash. If anything I really wanted to bother Liam. I shrugged and headed for Liam’s room.


No one was in Liam’s room, which seemed strange. It was just how I’d seen it before. Bare. I gave up on annoying anyone and so retired to my room, not even bothering if I wouldn’t be present at tea. To my surprise I found Liam in my room. “Out.” Pointless to just tell him, but I was in no mood to argue anymore. “Cassie, you ruined it.” His eyes levelled mine and caught me in the centre of the room. I felt myself becoming frozen to the spot, as if someone had super glued me to the floor. “No. I saved it. Now you can go play happy families.”  I found myself almost tripping over my own stubborn feet. “No. You ruined it. I was running away so...” He looked down, ashamed of his own reasons? “So?” I prompted and came to sit by him on my bed. “So, I could, help save us. But I guess that’s not what you want, is it Cassie? Can you look into my eyes and tell me, you don’t have feelings for anyone else but me?” I stared at him in shock and his eyes came to mine. I knew I was stuttering, falling over my own words, many of them choked back in my throat. “I-I...” My eyelids fluttered and he dismissed me. “Exactly. I could, I mean, we, could try. We could try and take it all back. We could try and save what I care about. But it would be all a waste of time... If you love another.”  He stood up, but I couldn’t follow, I couldn’t speak, never mind stand. “Goodbye Cassie Brooks. Goodbye.” Liam left the room and I felt like the world had left my side.


(A/N:This is actually doing quite well... Hmmm... Anyways, if your still reading, ThankYou. Simply thanks. ^_^ I love you. *Dont tell L* anyways, tell me your thoughts! That would be great :3 BeyondLawliet <3 )

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