A 17 year old girl named Brianna Silva has ran away from her entier life,she had ran away 2 weaks ago.why you ask? well her parents have been fighting and her boyfriend Harry Styles' fans have been giving her way to much hate.Will she go back to her previous life or will she begin a new one??? Find out by reading this new story Lost part one .Read Lost~preview for more information on this story.


1. Characters



2.Harry Styles (1/5 of one direction)

3.Zayn(1/5 of one direction)

4.Liam(1/5 of one direction)

5.Naill(1/5 of one direction)

6.Louis(1/5 of one direction)

7. Julie(brianna's mum)

8.Anthony(brianna's dad)

9.Anne(harry's mum)

10.Gemma(harry's sister)

11.Perrie(zayn's girlfriend)

12.Danellie(liam's girlfriend)

13.Eleanor(louis' girlfriend)

14.Justin Beiber(brianna's good friend)

15.Max(brianna and harry's goood friend)

16.Ed Sheeran(one directions friend+you have meet him)

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