Hi I'm Alison Parker but you can call me Ally, have you ever been bullied? If you have then hey we have something in common. Well I'm not the kind of girl who pours her heart out or something but I am hurt. I hate this boy in my class so much, he bullies me everyday and makes my life a living hell. I call him the boy from hell Harry Styles. You all are probably like bitch Harry is so kind, well not in my world princess. We used to be friends but when you start reading your going to laugh and be like they were friends? So leave feed back and stuff so I can make my life story better, even though I know it's shit... whatever
~~Please leave feed back!~~


1. prologue

   Ally's POV: I rush to my locker with anger boiling inside of me. I open my locker and grab my hoodie. I can't belive he spilled water all over me! I hate him so much, laughs fill the hall as I turn and glare it his group. I through my sweatshirt over my head and look at my books, soaked and ruined. I slam my locker and  I stare at him, his green eyes with hate and I stare at his mouth laughing. I feel my face turn red and it feels like steam is coming out of my ears. I am about to explode, I run over and push Harry against his locker "Why?" I shout and grab the collar of his shirt. "calm down Alison" he snickers and I have rage in my face. My eyes turn from a light blue to a navy color. "You are such a fucking ass hole" I spit the words out making sure he understands everything. "better than being a loser" he snickers and I feel my heart get stabbed. My heart is racing faster and faster "Oh and lay off the chips it looks like your ganing again"he says and smirks. I clench my fists and let go of his collar. His shirt is wrinkled from my grasp, "for one day, one day I would like to be treated nicely" I whisper and he looks at me." Then loose some weight" he smiles and I loose it. "You think you can just talk to me like that? That-that your words don't hurt me?" I shout and he backs into the lockers. "You think your so funny and you find the shit you say is funny! Bitch get real girls hold onto everything! So I will always be hurt by you and I will never forgive you ever!" I say the word ever slowly so his peanut of a brain can understand it. "And to think that-" I stare at his friends laughing and my breathing is heavy. "Lad do you think she is going to cry?" one whispers and I roll my eyes "I can hear you dumb ass" I snarl. "Alison" Harry says and I huff "I don't care any more, torment me do what you please but one day you will understabd Harry" I back away, feeling like I just went to war. "Ally" My friend Kat says and I turn around. "yeah" I sigh looking back at the boy with the curly hair.  "don't listen to Harry.... he's a douch bag and everyone knows it" she says witha smile and I shrug "yeah I know" I say and continue to walk. "I just don't understand how someone could be so mean to soemone who did nothing" I say inocently.  "I know Ally, but you will be fine" Kat says and we walk to class. The rest of the day was a blur, getting teased, people laughing at me, I just can't wait for the final bell to ring. School ends and I sprint out the doors and breath in the cool crisp Autmn air. I rush home and plop on my bed and cry, I stare at the open year book and his face is there. It had a heart around his head and it said BFF. I quickly grab a sharpie and draw an X over is face, I slam the book shut. One more year of this shit then I'm done with hell.

  A/N: Hey guys thought my other story was getting borning and annoying... so I wrote this. Feed back and stuff hope you liked chapter 1 thanks :)

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