He is not here anymore.

This story is about how Louis and his best friend gets through an accident.


2. Noooooooooo!

I cant believe he has brain damage! We all went to the hospital and I was there by his side, crying with Liam, Niall, Harry and Zayn. They were all with me we were all really sad. The doctor came in the room and said that he was in a coma and they think he will always going to be in one. I started crying even more and so did the boys .


I am so sad, OMG what if he dies? no, this can't happen.

We are just friends but I think I like him !!!

I hope he wakes up


What? Where am I Liam, Harry, Naill, and Zayn were standing right in front of me, but I was on the floor. They helped me up and I said, "Ok, I'm fine I'm probably just scared.



So I am holding Louis' hand and I am so sad.


I said "Louis it's Grace, your friend, if you can hear me move your hand." And I moved my hand away and then saw his hand move. I started to smiling and we called the doctor. He came in to see what happend and the doctor said,

"He is waking up." So we all got happy and then we saw his eyes open.

He said, "Hi. What happened, am I going to die or something?"

"No," I said, "You'll be fine I think." and we hugged.


2 months later...


So Louis is at home now and doing everything he used to do. He texted me and said, "Good news, I have a girlfriend, her name is Taylor."  

I said back, "Oohh good of you."

But I was thinking 'great'. He said to me, Hey are you going to the party still?"

I said "yeah, duh"

He said "See you there, bye."

So I am leaving for the party and when I get there, I see Louis and run up to him.

I say, "Hi, Louis," And give him a hug. There is this girl right next to him.

Louis said "Grace, this is Taylor. Taylor, This is my best friend, Grace." 

I said, "Hi, nice to meet you!,"

She said "Hi,"

Louis said, "I am going to get a drink, see you inside, love you two!" 

I said, "Sooo, How long have you and Louis been dating?

She said, "Shut you mouth"

"Uh, ok?" I said.

Then she came closer to me and said, "You and Louis are never going to friends again as long as I'm around. I'm going to make sure that Louis never talks to you because Louis is mine forever and NOT YOURS, So get lost."

I turn see louis and said, "Taylor said she's going to get rid of me and make sure that you two stay together forever."

Louis said, "Grace, No taylor is not like that, you're just jealous."




Hey guys, thanks for reading! Sorry for not updating in a long time. Please tell me what you think in the comments below, I hope you like it. Will Taylor get rid of her or will grace convince Louis that Taylor is trying to get rid of her? What will happen?  Good job for Louis being ok. Hope you like this! Please become a fan of me and favourite this story. Hope you like, talk to you later, bye!!!

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