The plane ride

Julie goes to England with her friends for her 17th birthday. On the plane she meets Harry Styles! He gives her his number but will they stay in contact, will they fall in love or be just friends???


3. Tyler

We land in London. We take our bags and stuff and got to the waiting aria. I see my family there and run to them with Lisa almost tripping! She is running with me. I jump in my uncle's arms. "Hi, Jules! Wow, you've grown a lot!" "It's bin a couple of years huh?" I say and he laughs. "Well and who's this?" my aunt asks. "This is my bestfriend, Lisa!" I yell from exitement. "Calm down little Jules!" my uncle calls. "It's nice to meet you, love" my aunt says. "It's nice to meet you to, ma'am. Julie's talked a lot about you." We get to the car and drive to their house. We arrive and I rush to my room. It's still the same, but it looks like my aunt hung a lot of poster up on the walls. All from one direction! She once asked me if I was a fan of them and now I know why she asked that. My aunt does a lot for me and my uncle to because they don't have kids. I go back downstairs and go hug my aunt. "Thanks for my room auntie!" "You're welcome, Julie!" I smile at my aunt and she smiles back. It felt like my vacation couldn't be better!


After Lisa and I unpacked all our stuff we got to the park. We just walked around when I had an idea. "Lisa, can I call Ty maybe?" "Who's Ty?" "Well he's my bestfriend from London! I haven't seen him in like ages! I wanna know how he looks like now." "Ohh yeah! You talked about him once! I would love to meet him. A bestfriend of my bestfriend is a bestfriend of me to!" "What? Oohh yeah I get him!" I call Tyler up. I hope he's gonna pick up!!!


Tyler's pov


My phone rings, an unknown number. I pick up. "Hello?" I ask. "Is this Tyler?" I hear a girl ask. "Yes, who are you?" "It's Julie, do you remember me?" Julie, I don't know a Julie. Ooohh wait yes I do. "You mean Julie from a couple years ago?" "Yep that's me!" "Woww that's a long time ago!" "Yeah , I know! Well I'm in London for the whole summer, wanna hang out?" "Yeah, of course! I wanna hang out with my bestfriend!" "Hahaha, we're at our park, remember that? Hahaha!!" "Yes I'll be there in 5" "Okay can't wait bye!" "Bye!" I hang up. I put some jeans on and a white tee and my white converse. I grab my phone and wallet and head out. I'm going to walk there it's only 2 blocks away.


Julie's pov


"Ty's coming!!!" "Yay!" We're waiting for Ty when I see a tal, hot boy come around the corner. I don't pay much attention to because we're waiting for Ty. The boy comes to me and says "Are you Julie?" "Yes, that's me." I reply. I look at the boy. I seem to know him from somewhere! "Wait?! Ty?" "Yeah, Jules!" "Man you changed a lot! You're so tal!!" "You changed a lot to.3 He hugs me. I need to stand on my tippy toes because he's so tal. "And who's this?" I heard that question many times today. "This is Lisa my bestfriend!" I say to him. "What you replaced me?" he says while pouting. "No you silly! I could never replace you!!! She's my bestfriend from back home and you're my London bestfriend!!!!" " Nice to meet you Lisa." he says. "Nice to meet you to Tyler." "You can call me Ty!" "Okay" We go to the playground in the park. I go strait to the swings. Ty comes with me and starts to push me. Lisa is in the swing next to me and Ty pushes me with one arm and Lisa with the other. We have a great time in the park, 'til Ty has to go. "Bye Jules, bye Lisa!" he calls. "Bye Ty!" call Lisa and I together. We decide that we'll go home to. On our way home I see someone who I've seen before. "Hey, Julie!" he calls. It's getting dark so I can't see who it is.

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