The plane ride

Julie goes to England with her friends for her 17th birthday. On the plane she meets Harry Styles! He gives her his number but will they stay in contact, will they fall in love or be just friends???


4. I want you back

"Hey, Julie" someones calls. It's dark so I can't see the person. I can see it's a he. He comes closer. "Hey, Julie" he calls again. I reconize him , Jake. Oooh, no. "Leave me alone, Jake." "What did I do to you?" "Ooh you know what you've done!" I almost yell to him. "Ooh c'mon Julie, that's the past! Why don't we forget that and get back together." he says while getting closer to me. I sep back and he steps forward. "If you want me to forget why did you do it then huh?" "Ooh c'mon Julie!" I bet this is weird for Lisa. He tries to kiss me and I kik him in the balls. He falls down on his knees from the pain. I grab Lisa's arm and run away.


When we're almost home we stop. We're as tired as you could be. "Who was that?" "Jake." I say panting. "Yeah, I know that but what was it al about?" "Well, he and I dated a couple of years ago and he cheated an my and lied to me and punshed me..." by this part I was crying. Lisa hugs me. "Shhh Jules it's okay! I'm here for you." she whispers. "Thanks Lisa!" I hug her tight. We walk home.


Lisa's pov


I can't believe that guy Jake did that to her! I'm so mad. He's such a asswhole! I hate that guy. Julie is crying, I can't stand when she cries. It makes me want to cry to. She sniffles whole the way home and I can't blame her.When we arrive home and go straight upstairs. We fall both on the bed at the same time. She laughes a bit and I start to laugh to. Now we can't stop laughing. "Dinner's ready" someone yells. "I have a funny feeling that dinner's ready" I say to her. "Me to weird huh?" "Yeah!" We both laugh again and go downstairs. We start to eat. "Can we go upstairs now?" Julie asks. "Okay you can go." We go back upstairs. We put on our pj's.


Julie's pov


We put on our pj's. Lisa and I put on the same pj's. "Wanna have a movie night?" Lisa asks. "Yeeeeeessssss!!!!" I reply. "Okay, sad, romance, drama, thriller, horor or what?" "Ummm, can we see LOL?" I ask. "That one with Miley Cyrus huh?" "Yeah that one." "Okay!!!" We look at the movie and I love it. Lisa and I have to sleep in the same bed because the guestroom is for my parents. When the movie is done we decide to sleep.

I have a dream, actually a nightmare. I see Jake again , he comes to me and kisses me. The worst thing is I don't stop him. My eyes flutter open and I shoot straight. "Huh, Julie? What happend?" "Ooh sorry Lisa, did I wake you?" "Yeah , but what happend?" "I had a nightmare." "Ooh Jules! Is everything alright?" "Yeah, I was just scared!" "Oi, what happend in your dream?" "It was Jake he kissed me and I didn't stop him." "Oh it's okay now! Just sleep again. Good night!" "Good night!" I lie back down. Then I fall back asleep this time without a nightmare.

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