The plane ride

Julie goes to England with her friends for her 17th birthday. On the plane she meets Harry Styles! He gives her his number but will they stay in contact, will they fall in love or be just friends???


2. Flying to London

We get in the car. Lisa and I are talking the whole way about how exited we are. We arrive at the airport. Lisa and I jump out the car. We got to the control and board the plane. Ready for take-off! We fall asleep, both of us. About a halr our later I wake up. "Attention some turbulence!" I hear the flight attendent say. I need to go to the bathroom. I want to say it to Lisa but she's still asleep. I won't be gone for so long so I let her sleep. I get up and walk to the bathroom. When I come to the last row of seats I trip. I land on someone's lap and the person scares a little.The persoon grabs me by my waist.

"Ohh sorry!" I look up to see the person's face. "OMG, Ha-Harry St-Styles?" "Yep that's me! By the way it's nothing, love" he says. I try to get up but he pulls me back. "I didn't catch your name, love" Ahhhh, he calles me love! "Oh, it's Julie." "Well, that's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl." I start to blush. Yeah, what are you supposed to do when THE Harry Styles says you're beautiful! "Here's my phone number, love." "Thanks" I say surprised. "Why surprised?" "Because I just fell into your lap , you called me beautiful and gave me you phone number and we only met 5 minutes ago!" "Well yeah" he says a bit like he don't knows what to say. He looks down to his hands. "Here's my number" I say as I give it to him. He looks up and I wink to him. He smiles, a cheeky smile. I get up and go to the bathroom.

Harry's pov

My eyes flutter open. Someone just fell into my lap. I look up to see who it is. It's a beautiful girl. "Ohhh, sorry" she says, with a beautiful voice. She looks at me. "OMG, Ha-Harry St-Styles?" she stutters. She's cute when she stutters. Wait cute? What's gotten into me? I don't even know this girl. "Yep, that's me and it's nothing, love" I reply. She blushes a little. She tries to get up but I pull her back. "I didn't catch your name love" "Oh it's Julie" she says. Julie, I like that name. "Well, that's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl" She blushes again but now you see it better. "Here's my phone number, love" "Thanks" she says surprised. Why surprised, didn't she want my number? "Why surprised?" I ask. "Because I  just fell into your lap, you called me beautiful and gave me your phone number and we only met 5 minutes ago!" "Well yeah." I reply. I didn't really know what to say and just look down to my hands. "Here's my phone number " she says. I shoot my head up and look at her. She hand me her phone number and winks to me. I smile my cheeky smile. She gets up and goes to the bathroom. Was I falling for this girl? I don't even know her but I will get to know her!


Julie's pov

I go back to my seat. I walk past Harry, he has his eyes closed. Was I falling for this boy? I always had a crush on him. He's in my favourite boyband. I don't even know him. I mean yeah I know him, the one direction him, but do I know the real him? I sit down and see that Lisa is awake. "Hi!" she says. "Heeeeyyy" I reply. "Where have you been?" she asks. When she askes that I think about that song from Rihanna. "I was in the bathroom, and I met someone!!!!" "In the bathroom?" "No you silly!" "Ohh okay tell me who did you meet?" "Promise you'll believe me?" "I'll believe you, I promise." "Well I  met Harry Styles!!" "I don't believe you!!!" " Well it's true! I even got his number!!!" " You're serious right now huh?" " Yep I am!!!" I say popping the 'p'. "OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!" "Yeah I know" "Can I meet him to?" "I think so! C'mon let's go to him!" We get up and go to Harry. He's awake now. He sees me coming and winks to me and I blush. "Hi, Julie!" he says to me. "Hi, Haz!" " Who's this?" "This is my bestfriend Lisa" is say to him. "Well hello Lisa" "Hi" Lisa says shy. "You don't have to be shy" I say to her. "When we met I was in his lap a,d you're standing so" She start to laugh and Harry and I join her. "Really?" she says between laughs. " Yes and don't laugh at me" "Sorry" " I'm kidding it is really funny!" "Anyway nice to meet you Lisa" Harry says. "Nice to meet you to Harry" she says still between laughs. We go back to our seets and I need to tell Lisa everything what happend. We laugh about whole the time that we didn't even realise we were landing.


A/N What do you think so far? It's my first movella. If I typed stuf wrong SORRY!!!

xxx Julie


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