The plane ride

Julie goes to England with her friends for her 17th birthday. On the plane she meets Harry Styles! He gives her his number but will they stay in contact, will they fall in love or be just friends???


1. We have a suprise...

Julie's pov


Finally home from school! Summer!!! "Mom, I'm home!" "Come here for a second! I'm in the kitchen!" my mom yells back. I throw my bag away and go to the kitchen, I go sit on a chair. "What do you want to tell me?" "Well, we're going to London for the whole summer!" my mom says exited. "For the whole summer?" I ask. "Yes!!!" " OMG, thank you thank you!!!" "We stay with our family, you know who we allways stay with." " Yeah, I know! It's been so long since I've been there! And I can see my friends back!" " And you can bring one friend with you!" " Really, I'm gonna take Lisa!!!" I run upstairs to my room to call Lisa. "Hello?" " Hey, It's me! I have a suprise for you!" "What? Tell me!" "Okay okay! Calm down! You're going to London with me for the whole summer!" "Ahhhhhh!" "Lisa! I think I'm deaf now!" "Oh, sorry. I'm going to ask my parents! I'm gonna call back!" " Okay! Bye love ya!" " Love ya to!" I'm gonna start to pack. I'm packing my bikini, couple of shorts, my skinny jeans, a lot of tops, a lot of shoes! , sweaters, sweat pants, underwear, couple of pj's, etc. My phone rings. It's Lisa! "Hello?" " I can come with you!!!!" "Aaaahhhh" "I know!" We scream a little more! When I'm calmed down I say" Lisa better start packing!" "That's a good idea! Bye!!" "Bye!" I hang up and start packing again. Can't forget my phone charger!!!




I got a text from Lisa:

From: Lisa

To: Julie

Hey, Jules! When do we leave???


I text back:


To: Lisa

We leave tomorrow so get your lazy ass up from your bed and start packing


! She texts back:

From: Lisa

To: Julie


I laugh at her anwser. "Julie! Dinner's ready!" my dad yells. "Coming!" I yell back. I get up and go downstairs. Mmmmmm! We're eating spaghetti! My favourite! I'm done with my spaghetti and rush upstairs. I check my facebook and twitter before I'm going to sleep.




I wake up with the noise of my alarm. I don't want to get up but then I remeber we're going to Londen today. I get up and go to the bathroom. I wash my hair and dry it then curl it. Then my make up. Eyeliner, mascara and a bit of lipgloss. I go downstairs. I grab an apple got my car keys and go out the door. Just before I'm out I yell" I'm gonna pick up Lisa" Then I'm gone. I get in my car, radio on full blast! One direction Live while we're young! I sing along with them. I arrive at Lisa's. When I stop on the driveway, Lisa rushes out of the house. She jumps in my car and closes the door. "Hi, Lisa" "Hi, Jules" She hugs me. "I see your totally not exited." I say sarcastic. "No totally not" she answers. I drive home. While in the car we sing along the radio. When we arrive home , we rush to my room. "I need to change" I say. "Okay" Lisa says. I change in my baby blue skinny jeans with a white tanktop and my white converse. Lisa is wearing a navy blue skirt with a white top and navy blue sandels. "You ready?" she asks."Yep" I say popping the 'p'. We go downstairs. My mom and dad are waiting for us. "Ready?" my mom asks. "Yep we're both ready" We all got in the car ready to go to the airport.

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