You're... You're....You're..."Mine"

For Emme Teller's 20th birthday her parnets are renting her a really nice hotel room on the top floor with private pool, spa, and gym. Also they are flying her to New York with her best friend Anna Sellerman and they are getting One Direction concert tickets with meet and greet. Their seast are first row middle. Emma and Anna were like sisters. They both are really big One Direction fans. Emma loves Harry and Anna loves Niall. Who do you think they will see and or seat next to on the plane ? Who will be their neighbors for the whole summer ?Will they each fall in love ? READ TO FIND OUT !


1. Thanks mom and dad

All of my family members are here to celebrate my 20th birthday. Hi im Emma Teller and I just turned 20 today! I have a best friend named Anna. My boyfriend? Well he was cheating on me with some girl so i dumped his sorry butt. Okay so now we are opening presents and my best friend got me an iphone 5 and a Macbook pro. "HOLY CRAP THANKS ANNA!" I said to her. She said "Your welcome!"  Then i open my parnets....OH. MY. GOODNESS. " Mom. Dad. I LOVE IT ! Tickets and meet and greet ?!!!" my parnets said "WAIT! THERE is more you both are going to New york. We got you guys a a really nice hotel room wsith a private spa, pool, and gym!"  "OMG" Anna said. "IKR Thanks mom! Thanks Dad!" i replyed "Emma and Anna can you come here for a second." My parents were calling from the kitchen. We walked in and we see luggages, passports, and tickets. "You both are going to New York and you both leave tonight at 6." We look at each other for a few seconds. Then all you hear is high pitched screaming for 5 minutes. Then we look at the clock and its 5:30. We had to leave now if we want to make it to New York on time. We say our goodbyes and before we knew it we were on the plane.


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