❤One and only love❤

18 year old Rose that has had some hard times in the past with drugs,drinking,and hanging around with the wrong people,is forced by her stepmom (who does drugs)to move from Washington D.C to Holmes Chaplin England with her grandparents!She goes to collage and possibly finds the love of her life!

This is my first time writing a fanfic so I hope that you enjoy!!please don't hate!


1. Finding my way


I woke up hating myself and my stepmom.Why did she hand me that cigarette?Just one got me hooked.If my real mom was here I wouldn't be in this position.My mom died when I was only four.my dad died when I was five.mom in a wreck,and dad was murdered.Nobody knows who killed him.some people say me i dont know why tho.i was a innocent little 5 year old.some people say my stepmom.i believe that it was her that did it to.She wanted our house more than any thing.I was put in the orphanage once they died.she adopted me.i would have rather sat there at that orphanage and rot,if I knew what she was going to do to me.but it's to late.she gave me the cigarette,the drugs,all of the alcohol.Now she's shipping me off to stay with her parents."the grandparents"
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