Small World

Sammi is just a 17 year old girl who lives in a small world. Little did she know, she has been living around the same people all her life but never really noticed those people until now. What happens when Sammi starts noticing certain people? Will her feelings grow towards them or will she shut them out? Read to find out!


1. First Day

* Author's Note: Hey guys! just wanted to say before you start reading the book, I wanted this book to be dated before the boys were famous, and it's a completely different story :) also, this is my first fanfic so please no hate <3 love y'all *

Sammi's POV:

"Samantha! Hurry up!It's the first day of school and you wouldn't want to be late, now would you? And I made breakfast!" "No Mum! I'll be down soon!" I yelled from upstairs. I'm Samantha DeAngelis but I like to go by Sammi. You'll find out more about my story later. Anyway, back to the point......

I climbed out of bed to pick out my outfit for today. I mean, I needed to look good on first day back to make a good impression, right? I opened my big closet and knew exactly what to wear. I chose a plain white v-neck shirt with a cute denim jacket over the top. I also wore some distressed high-waisted jean shorts and white high-top converse. I layed the outfit on my bed and hopped in the shower, letting the warm water hit my body. I hopped out of the shower and quickly checked the time. 8:30.a.m okay that's good, it gives me time to get dressed, eat breakfast, and drive to school. I changed into my clothes and skipped downstairs. "Morning Mom!" I chirped.

"Morning darling. "Morning. Where's Dad?" "At the office filling out some paperwork."Now how would you like your eggs? Scrambled, boiled, poa-"  "Mom," I cut her off. "yes dear?" "What's up?" I asked her, I'm guessing I pulled off a really concerned look because my Mom gave in easily, which she usually doesn't do. "Well it's me and your father. We have another business trip to go to out of town for another case." My Mom said sadly. I could really tell she was upset but really? She's always going on business trips with Dad. I'm basically living alone. "Mom, how long?" I questioned her. "20 days, sweetie and we're leaving tomorrow night.""Ok" I said glumly. I wasn't too happy, but I guess I'm used to it now anyway, they're always gone. "Well, I should get to school now or else I'll be late. Bye Mom!" "Bye Honey!" I heard my Mom say as I walked out the door.




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