WARNING: This Movella will contain sexual writing.
Georgia, 18 just moved to London running away from her past.
Georgia commenced a job at Starbucks meeting a special someone called Niall Horan.
What's going to happen between them? Will she spill her past? What happens if everything backfires on her?
Read more to find out. ღ


2. Wow

______Chapter 2: Wow ______

Georgia's Point Of View:


This apartment was massive, the first room you walked into from the door was the living room/kitchen. Then upstairs was my bedroom and a guest and two bathrooms. Right now everything was perfect. My apartment was amazing, they already had my car in the carparks and all my boxes and luggage had arrived.

I spent the past 3 hours unpacking everything, which was tiring. Now first thing's first, I have to find a job. I grabbed my laptop and searched nearby shops. First shop that happened to pop up was Starbucks. I wrote down the details and headed there. It was only around the corner so I walked. 

It was pretty cold outside, luckily I was wearing my Fox hooded jumper and oversized sweatpants that  kept my legs nice and cozy. I embraced the winds that made my hair flicker and the natural surroundings. It was truly beautiful. I arrived at Starbucks minutes later and god it smelt delicious. I walked up to the empty counter.

"Excuse me." I announced, a beautiful red headed girl turned around. You could tell her hair was dyed, but it complimented her dark blue eyes. She smiled.

"Yes, how may I help you?" She replied sweetly.

"I just wanted to apply here, it there a form I could fill out?"

"Yes, just here."

She handed me a form and I thankfully took it. I filled it out with the pen that was attached to the table with the forms beside it and handed it back to her when I was done.

"Thanks." I smiled at her.

"Hopefully I will see you again." She said. I already envy her.

I walked home again, to hear my home phone ringing. I raced to it and answered.


_______________________________________________________________________Hey guys, I will hopefully update tomorrow. I'm sorry that I haven't gotten to the point yet but I will next chapter I promise.

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Thankyou, love you all. xxx

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