WARNING: This Movella will contain sexual writing.
Georgia, 18 just moved to London running away from her past.
Georgia commenced a job at Starbucks meeting a special someone called Niall Horan.
What's going to happen between them? Will she spill her past? What happens if everything backfires on her?
Read more to find out. ღ


1. Intro

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know, the girl in the cover for this Movella is Georgia. That was all. Enjoy. xx

______Chapter 1: London ______

Georgia's Point Of View:

"Goodbye." I whispered to my mum as I released for the warm embrace. I was moving to London to start fresh, I was running from my past, but I don't like to encounter it that way. My mum was the only family I had left, I feel so terrible for leaving her this way. But it's for the best and I'm not obviously going to stay there forever.

I took one last glance at her as I stepped one foot onto the plane. She was bawling by now, I turned my head not wanting to look at her in this state. I was escorted into my seat in business class. Yes, I had a rich family but that was only because I was an only child and mum received a lot of money from the death of my dad. I loved him very much, I still haven't gotten over the fact of him dying and I don't think I ever will. While were at it let's do a quick rundown. My Georgia-Amy, last name Anderson. I have curly blonde-brown hair that reaches down to my mid stomach, piercing green-grey eyes, tan and as most would say naturally beautiful. I'm from Australia, and as you know only have family consisting of my mum Joanna. 

Anyway I sat in my seat and immediately shut my eyes and let the tiredness take over.


"Please remain in your seats and fasten your seatbelts and prepare for landing." The intercom announced making me from my prodigious sleep.

By now the plane landed and I was stepping off the plane going to receive my luggage. I called a cab about 2 days ago booking a ride that will be here in about.. I reached into my handbag that was wrapped over my body resting on my shoulder and pulled out my iPhone. Shit, 5 minutes! I grabbed my luggage and headed outside to see my name on a sign. I walked over to the man and he escorted me to the cab. 

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