When Laurie meets Niall it's love at first sight..
But when their worlds collide, will their love stay strong?
Will friendship take over?
Can Laurie be able to hold on to what she's got?
Or will she be back where she started..... Alone?
"Nobody wants to be alone.....No one,"


2. Everyone Needs Someone

Niall's POV:

I could hear Louis screaming and shouting all the way from my room, it's up 2 flights of stairs. Don't ask me what he was screaming, it's hard to understand, he's hard to understand sometimes. I just sat on my bed smiling slightly. I felt lonely lately, Zayn has Perrie, Louis has Eleanor, Liam has Dani and Harry... I don't bother to keep track anymore. El and Lou are always trying to get me a date." You're Niall freaking Horan" they say but, hey, leave me alone I'm waiting for that right girl. I got up and walked downstairs to the living room to see El on the ground with Lou on top, making out..

"OH!" I yelled, covering my eyes, laughing. They jumped up and stood a bit further away from each other.

"Sorry, Nialler!" El said, her hand on my shoulder,

"Nah, it's fine. I don't mid. Now you two go back and enjoy each other!" I replied.

"Niall....." Louis mumbled," Are you okay, mate?" he asked,

" Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" I asked, then I noticed the frown on my face.

"It's just," Elenour began," We think you'd be happier with someone,"

"I am happy!" I tried to put on a smile," happy, happy, happy!"

" Niall...Everyone needs someone.." El sighed.

" But I'm fine! For now at least... Anyway I'm happy on my own!"

" Sureeee, mate" Lou said, with a smirk.

" Ah, shut up, Boo-Bear!" I yelled, putting him into a head-lock.

" Eleanor, save me!" he screamed, jokingly. Before I knew it, we were mucking around, hitting each other with pillows. I guess it would be fun to do this with someone I like, someone special, my someone. We all flopped onto the sofa, out of breathe.

" Soo, Nialler. There's this new club, called C9. Me and El are gonna check it out, you wanna come?" Lou asked, once he caught he breathe.

" Sure why not!" I replied. I suppose I needed to go clubbing, I hadn't been in like a month, that's like a life-time for me!

"Yeah, you might meet the girl of your dreams there!" Lou added, in a sarcastic way.

" He might..." El  sighed loudly.

" Yeah, it's worth a shot!" I said, trying to be sarcastic too, but I think it came out more serious. El and Lou looked at each other and smirked," We leave at 10 in the van, kay?" El said standing up and grabbing  Louis' hand.

"Kay," I replied and ran upstairs. all the other boys were probably all out, with their girlfriends. They don't like to bring them home, they think it annoys me or something but, I couldn't care less! Harry was out with his sister, I think. I looked at my phone, 8:30pm. I've got to admit, I can't wait!


Laurie's POV:

I walked downstairs to find my phone, I'm forever loosing it. Once I found it, I saw I had a text from Cassidy.

Cassidy;): Lol, just got a message from KEGAN! He wanted me to go to this new club, C9 with him! And before you ask, I ain't goin...

Cassidy x


She's telling me this,why? You know what, I'm going! It should be fun! I walked downstairs to find Imogen, our housekeeper also one of my best friends, she's 24 and one of the only real friends I have. shes like family, since the only family that I ever see is my dad, and everyone knows that story.

"Heyah, Laurie!" she said beaming at me, stopping sweeping the floor to talk.

" Hiya, Immy. Hey, what's got you so excited?" I asked.

" What do you mean?" she tried to say it nonchalantly.

"Please, Immz. Your practically glowing! Wait, let me guess. brad did another completely wonderful thing! I said imitating her in jokingly way. One of the good things about her is she can take banter.

" Yes, actually! But now I won't tell you!" she said huffingly, but still we were only playing around. I ran up behind her and started poking her and tickling her," Come on... Tell me!" I giggled as she screamed with laughter.

" You really need a guy, Laurie," she sighed once we'd calmed down,

" But I don't want anyone, nobody I've met seems right," I sighed

" But everyone needs someone, you know..." I guess she had a point..

" Yeah, you're right, I guess. Hey, I heard about this new club, maybe I could go there tonight?"

" Yeah me and Brad-" I cut her off before one of her stories about how amazing Brad is started.

" Yeah, yeah. Brad is wonderful I get it! I'm gonna go get changed instead, yeah?"

" Finee! Leave me to clean then!"

" That's your job, remember?" I said giggling as I ran up the stairs. ~It was already 8:50 so I took a shower. I put on my tight strapless pink ruffled top, black leggings(almost like hotpants,) Black ankle boots with heels, my big silver bangle, dangly diamond earrings and my silver leaf necklace. I wavy my blonde hair a bit at the ends and left it down. I put on some light eyeshadow,mascara, lipgloss and some eyeliner to emphasise my eyes. I looked at the clock 9:47. I put on some perfume, grabbed my purse and ran down the stairs.

" Byee, Imogen!" I called,

"Bye, Laurie! Don't get too hammered!" she called back, as I closed the door behind me. I hoped into my Jaguar and drove off, bouncing with excitement!

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