When Laurie meets Niall it's love at first sight..
But when their worlds collide, will their love stay strong?
Will friendship take over?
Can Laurie be able to hold on to what she's got?
Or will she be back where she started..... Alone?
"Nobody wants to be alone.....No one,"


1. Laurie

Author's note:

Hey guys! This is my first, hope you like! No hate, please, it's only my first one, they will get better! If you see a spelling mistake, etc. put it in the comments and I'll try to fix it









Laurie's POV:

Hey, I'm Laurie. I'm an Aussie, Irish raised girl. I've been living in Ireland for 14 years, since I was 4. Although I'm from Australia I have kinda a mixed accent, it's quite cool I suppose, I guess it's unique. I'm 18 turning 19 soon. My family's rich, well by family I mean me and dad. My dad owns sport companies, sport teams, malls, that sort of thing. I don't get to see him often, only on Birthdays, Christmas that sort of stuff. He's a hard working man I guess. We've never got along not since my mum, well let's just say, he blamed me. Since then we have been enemies, even my own dad doesn't like me! At least he lets me have a roof over my head and food, I suppose. I've got turquoise blue eyes and ice-blonde hair. People tell me I'm gorgeous but, sometimes I think they just want me for my money, and something else. I've got 2 friends, snobs. They're called Megan and Cassidy. I'm not being mean, calling them that though, they're the mean ones. They've been mean to me since we were 5. I don't want to be their friends but, if I wasn't I would've been, well, their target. Now they think that they can use me for popularity. They're both rich too but they try to make it obvious, me I don't. I have 2 real best friends, Imogen and Kaytlin. Imogen is our cleaner person. Cassidy and Megan treat her like rubbish just because she isn't rich. Kaytlin is rich, she's been my best friend since I could ever remember! Our mums used to be best friends too but then my mum.... I don't like to talk about it anymore. Kaytlin gets pushed around by the other two as well. It's true the way people say money doesn't bring you happiness, I always feel like I'm alone and , Nobody wants to feel alone, No one......"

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