The Day I Met You

Two girls named Bella Malik and Elizabeth Smith are two 18 year olds. They planned to visit Bella's brother Zayn Malik from the famous boy band One Direction. This is the first time in 5 years seing Zayn.
Harry has a crush on Bella and Liz (Elizabeth) has a crush on Zayn. How will Harry tell Bella that he has a crush on her and how will Liz tell Zayn or Bella that she likes Zayn. Read to find out more


2. Zayn!! I missed you so much.

Bella's POV

I drove to Louis' house, as I pulled up to the driveway I saw a 3 Floored flat " wow it's huge" Liz exclaimed " no shit Sherlock" I replied Liz gave me a WTF look.

I parked
The car and we got out we skipped to the entrance and the security asked if we're on the list I said yes he looked up our name but he said that we weren't on the list "crap" I breathed as I saw Zayn i yelled out his name. He came running to us and and pushed the people in his way he Finns go to us and hugged me he lifted me up and glutted me tight. "Zayn I missed you so much" I said as the security guard let us in "I missed you more" he said with a big grin on his face.

We ( Zayn Liz and I) went wandering around trying to find louis we finally saw him and gave his gift I gotta admit this guy is hot
"happy birthday Louis" I announced
"thanks... Bella right" he said squinting his eyes liz did the same thing
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