The Day I Met You

Two girls named Bella Malik and Elizabeth Smith are two 18 year olds. They planned to visit Bella's brother Zayn Malik from the famous boy band One Direction. This is the first time in 5 years seing Zayn.
Harry has a crush on Bella and Liz (Elizabeth) has a crush on Zayn. How will Harry tell Bella that he has a crush on her and how will Liz tell Zayn or Bella that she likes Zayn. Read to find out more


1. Intro

Bella's POV

Hi my name is Bella Malik and yes my brother is Zayn Malik form the famous boy band One Direction. I haven't seen him in five years because he got famous and he had to go meeting and stuff so he doesn't have much time with us. Zayn and I are really close he text me every night and every morning I still have his number. I have long dark brown hair and I like the colour pink.

Liz's POV

Hi my name is Elizabet, I'm 18 years old I live with my best friend in the world Bella Malik. I can't believe my best friend is Zayn Maliks freakin sister. I have medium length brunette hair. Bella said that she was going to plan to visit Zayn. I have a crush on him but i havent told bella yet but I will. I listen to their music and all my music from my iPod are by One Direction.

Bella's POV
(next day)

So today was Louis' birthday and I decided to call Zayn and to let him know that we are going there to celebrate Louis' birthday and so me and him can reunite again.
I went upstairs and got dressed in a blank red top and Demi black shorts. I went to Liz's room and got out the same clothes I have on and woke up Liz
"Liz wake up we are going to go shopping for Louis' birthday because we are going there" I spoke she suddenly woke up and got dressed we got into red flats and headed off to the shops.

We went into a shop and got Louis a card but seperatly I put $50 dollars in my card and so did Liz. We headed off to Louis house.
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