Sticks and Stones ([cover competition] One Direction Fanfiction)

Dawn Johnson may be one of the luckiest girls on Earth. She is the girlfriend of the 1D Heartthrob, Harry Styles, and her life couldn't be know, if you pushed all of the hate and death threats aside, which Dawn had a hard time doing. The whole entire 1D fandom hated her, even the true Directioners. She did nothing to stop the hate which seemed to never end, besides...hide. Hiding was her only option, but Harry wouldn't let her do that. The endless hate eventually leads to tons of tragic events, events that will fill the hearts of all Directioners with regret. Dawn's sensitivity has probably gotten the best of her this time.

"Is there really any hope left? Is this all just a game?"


1. Dawn Johnson: Most Hated Girl

"@OfficiallyDawn is ugly. Harry can do way better."

"Ew, who let @OfficiallyDawn out of her cage? Call the cops, an animal is loose."

"Don't listen to them, @OfficiallyDawn! You're not ugly, you're hideous! xD"

"Everybody get #DawnDieInADitch trending! Hopefully she sees and commits suicide!"

"I'm not surprised at how #IHateDawnJohnson is trending. I hate her, too."

I violently slammed my laptop shut as tears brimmed in the corners of my eyes. I put my head in my hands and sobbed in deep despair.

"Why," I wept, "Why does it have to be me?"

Suddenly the door creaked open. I gasped and quickly wiped my flowing tears, acting like I fell asleep while using my laptop. I faked sleeping and hoped he didn't suspect I was reading hate just moments ago. I couldn't help but open my eyes to see if he noticed anything.

"Hi Dawn, I just came back from the studio and--wait," Harry cut himself off. "Why are your eyes red? What's the laptop doing here? Oh, no, Dawn...please don't tell me..."

"What?! Tell you what?! I wasn't doing anything," I panicked.

"Let me see the laptop," Harry held out his hand, waiting for me to hand him the laptop.

"No, I swear, there's nothing wrong," I insisted.

His hand was still held out, meaning he wasn't buying it. I sighed and handed over the laptop. Harry sat down at his table and swung the laptop open. He examined the page carefully and started crying himself.

"Harry," I asked. "Why are you crying? They're not hating on you..."

"They're trying to hurt you," he sniffed. "And the worst part is, they're actually succeeding..."

"That's my fault. My fault for not being good enough," I sighed. "If I had only been good enough, none of this would ever happen..."

"Don't talk like that," Harry cried. "Please don't talk like that. You are good enough. In fact, 'Good enough' is an understatement. You're perfect. Don't you understand that by hurting you, they're hurting me?"

"Maybe," I replied. "If I just act like it doesn't hurt, you won't get hurt, you'll be happy."

"I don't want you to act," Harry explained. "I want your smile to be real."

"How is my smile even supposed to appear when I'm in pain?" I asked. "How am I supposed to be happy if all of these tweets are telling me I'm the opposite of what you think I am?"

"It's not what I think you are," Harry objected. "It's what I know you are."

"But everyone's telling me--"

"It doesn't matter what they're telling you," he told me. "All that matters is that, through all of the hate, you still have hope."

"Tell me, Harry," I replied. "Is there really any hope left? Is this all just a game?"

"There's still some hope left in your heart," he smiled. "I know it. Maybe it'd be good for you to take a break from Twitter."

"Yeah," I sighed. "Maybe..."

"I'm going to go downstairs for dinner," Harry replied. "Meet me downstairs when you want to eat, okay?"

"Okay," I forced a smile.

"Love you," Harry kissed my forehead.

"Love you, too, Harry," I did my best to keep the fake smile on my face for him.

Once he left, I walked over to the bathroom and shut the door behind me. I searched in the cupboards until I found it--my blade. I sighed and held it up to my wrist, trying hard to make a cut, but I couldn't do it. I just couldn't.

"Stay strong, Dawn," I whispered to myself. "Stay strong for Harry."

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