Scarred My Heart

Veronica likes to be called Nicki. She's known these boys since they were 4; Liam, Louis, Niall, Harry, and Zayn. They stick together as they get older. They all live in the same house near their university. She has a boyfriend named Isaac. But who in the house has feelings for her? Her heart becomes unstable. She wonders if Isaac is really the one for her. He wavers her heart after that one accident. The boys get jealous. What happens that scars her heart so badly. Who gets hurt? Who comforts her? Most importantly, Who heals the scarred wound of her heart? Who steals her heart in the end?


4. Snuggling


~Zayn’s P.O.V.~

We’re on our way home and I still can’t stand that she’s Isaac and not mine. I don’t like it.

“Did you guys score that number on purpose,” Louis asked.

“What do you mean,” Nicki asked confused.

“Come on. Of all numbers it’s 69 you naughty girl,” Louis pointed out.

“LOUIS!! It was not on purpose, and you’re the one who noticed it so you have dirty mind,” Nicki defended herself. We all laughed and I pulled up to the driveway. We just watched some TV before Nicki’s volleyball match.


~Louis’ P.O.V.~

Nicki won her volleyball match as well. God, she was so perfect. Isaac was at the game again. I really want to steal her for him but I want to stay away from drama as much as possible. I don’t want to put her in a position where she has to choose between two people. I want her to be able to just have an easy love life. That’s all.

We’re back at home and Nicki is cooking dinner. I decided to help while the boys were in the basement doing who knows what.

“What do you think? Should we make stir fry,” she aske d me.

“Yay! I love stir fry.”

“I take that as a yes. Can you crab the bok choy and tomatoes from the fridge.”

“Yes, milady,” I said all fancy. She giggled. I loved her smile, her laugh, her everything. I handed her the stuff and she took out the pan. She put the meat and vegetables on the pan, added come sauces, and a sweet, tasty aroma flew around the air. She let it sit and walked over to where I’m sitting. She slipped but I quickly caught her. She looked up at me with her beautiful light brown, hazel eyes.

“Thanks,” she said as I lifted her up.

“Anytime, love.”

We talked for a little and it felt so nice being able to talk to her one on one. It almost felt as if she was mine. She got up to turn the stove off and I went to call the boys from the basement.


Nicki invited Isaac for dinner and she went to the door to answer it knowing it was him there. We all ate and watched a movie in the movie/theatre room. Nicki cuddled up to Isaac, lying her head on his chest. He’s the luckiest guy in the world.


~Zayn’s P.O.V.~

We all went to bed but I couldn’t stop thinking about her; Nicki. I saw her cuddling with Isaac during the movie, I didn’t like it. I was so happy when he left. I made up my mind and went to her room. I quietly knocked, “Come in,” she whispered. I did and I saw she lay in bed. I leaned against the wall near the door. “Is something wrong,” she asked concerned.

“No, I just couldn’t sleep and the boys are already sleeping.”

“Oh okay. Well, you could sleep in here if you want. I’m not feeling so tired either.”

I closed the door quietly and was about to lay on the couch when I was interrupted by Nicki. “Zayn, no.”

I looked at her confused. “What?”

“That couch is uncomfortable.” She said and patted a spot next to her in bed. We all have king size beds so there was enough room. I smiled and walked over to her bed. “Sorry, I’m only wearing a big shirt and undergarments. I can go put on some pants if you’re uncomfortable.”

“That’s alright. We are like family after all.” She smiled and nodded. “So how’s it going with Isaac?”

“Good, I guess”

“You sound unsure. Is everything alright?”

“I don’t know. I just don’t feel the same way anymore. He’s giving me just as much attention but I just don’t get that feeling that feeling anymore. I can’t really describe it but I think it’s a sign that he’s not the one for me. We’ve been going out for two and a half years now and it just doesn’t feel right.”

“Well, I’m sure that whatever you decide will make you happy. And I want to let you know that I’m always here for you.”

She smile and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Then she yawned and I took that as a signal that it was time to go to bed.

“G’night,” I told her.

“Good night,” she said back. She snuggled up to my chest and all of a sudden my heart started to beat faster and fireworks went off in my stomach. I wrapped an arm around her and pulled her closer to me. I hope that someday I could do this and have the title of Nicki’s boyfriend. 

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