Scarred My Heart

Veronica likes to be called Nicki. She's known these boys since they were 4; Liam, Louis, Niall, Harry, and Zayn. They stick together as they get older. They all live in the same house near their university. She has a boyfriend named Isaac. But who in the house has feelings for her? Her heart becomes unstable. She wonders if Isaac is really the one for her. He wavers her heart after that one accident. The boys get jealous. What happens that scars her heart so badly. Who gets hurt? Who comforts her? Most importantly, Who heals the scarred wound of her heart? Who steals her heart in the end?


8. My Father


~Nicki’s P.O.V.~

The only thing I knew about my father was that he left us when I was only three years old. I didn’t know much about him but the fact that he cheated on my mom several times and in addition he was an alcoholic. I got a letter from the investigators. It was from my father.

Hey, Nicki

I know you’ve probably only heard bad things about me but I love you. I love you and your mother. I was just trying to protect you. I’ve been watching you for a while and my how much have you grown. You’re so beautiful. I see you don’t need an excuse of a man like me. I saw you started going out with Isaac and I didn’t like him so I tried getting rid of him. But the cops caught me too early and I know I will be sentenced for 25 to life. Anyway, what I did was what I think is right. I don’t expect you to forgive me. Since I was never with you there is no reason to write goodbye.

And that’s everything that was on the letter and nothing else. Why would he think Isaac isn’t the one for me? Even if he was right or not, why would he think killing him is the best solution? And why was he watching me? I could tell he wrote this before he kidnapped Isaac. It was dirty and wrinkled. I don’t care anymore. It’s too much to deal with. I threw it in the garbage and went back to Isaac’s mother. She continued to tell me about Isaac.

“Like I was saying, Isaac has no memory left what so ever. He can still remember how to do everything and school and stuff but he can’t remember anybody or what happened. The doctor say that it’ll be a while until he remembers. It could take years and the hardest person he would be able to remember is you. It’ll be really hard on to remember any one as a matter of fact” Tears streamed down my cheeks as I those words slipped out of her mouth. “I’m sorry, Nicki. If you want you can try and jog his memory to get him to remember. I’ll let you think about it.”

Louis carried me and sat me on his lap in a chair like the last time we were in the hospital. I cried into his chest. “I don’t think I can do it Louis,” I managed to get out.

“What do you mean, Princess?”

“I can’t, this is the second time he ended up in the hospital while being with me. She said that it would be difficult for him to remember me or anyone. It’s all my fault”

“No, it’s not. Your father did it not you. None of this is your fault.”

“Louis, I don’t want to. I can’t. Maybe this is all a sign. The THIRD sign. First I lose my feelings for him, the second he gets hit by a car, and the third he is kidnapped.” I said, still having trouble getting words out of my mouth

Louis lifted of my chin to meet him eye to eye. “Listen, whatever you choose to do is up to you. Whatever makes you happy, I’ll support you.”

“Thank you, Louis.” I got up and walked to Isaac’s mother. “Mrs. Johnson, I’ve decided that I’m not going to push Isaac into remembering me. I think it’s best if he focuses on trying to remember you guys, his family. It’s more important.”

“Are you sure, honey?” She asked for confirmation. I just nodded.

“I think its best.” I said. She nodded and gave me a hug. “Goodbye Mrs. Johnson. Good luck.”

“Thank you.” And with that we went our separate ways.


~Louis P.O.V.~

I gave Nicki a piggy back ride to the car, Zayn following behind me. It was silent as we knew Nicki is going through a lot right now. She wasn’t whimpering but I could feel her tear drops fall to my shoulder. We got to the car, Zayn drove and I sat in the back with Nicki lying on her side with her head resting on my lap. After a few minutes she fell asleep.

We got home and I carried Nicki in the house. “I’m going to put Nicki to bed.” I told Zayn. He nodded as he went to tell the boys what happened. They all looked worried. We hadn’t really noticed that they left several messages on our phone.

I brought Nicki into her room and laid her under the blankets of her bed. I was about to leave when she tugged on my arm. “Don’t leave me, please.” I nodded and lay next to her under the sheets. She snuggled her head into my chest and I wrapped an arm around her to bring her closer to me. My stomach started to flip. I never felt this before but I love it. I love her. She fell asleep in my arms and too eventually fell asleep. 

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