Scarred My Heart

Veronica likes to be called Nicki. She's known these boys since they were 4; Liam, Louis, Niall, Harry, and Zayn. They stick together as they get older. They all live in the same house near their university. She has a boyfriend named Isaac. But who in the house has feelings for her? Her heart becomes unstable. She wonders if Isaac is really the one for her. He wavers her heart after that one accident. The boys get jealous. What happens that scars her heart so badly. Who gets hurt? Who comforts her? Most importantly, Who heals the scarred wound of her heart? Who steals her heart in the end?


10. I Like You <3


~Louis’ P.O.V.~

Do you know what it’s like to wake up next to an angel? Well probably nobody knows what that’s like but right now I feel like that. The boys were still asleep and Nicki was snuggled into my chest. My heart was thumping louder and faster than humanly possible. Her long, soft, brown hair, her light hazel eyes, her natural beautiful face. She’s one of those girls who never wears make-up. She was so beautiful. My world felt so incomplete without her. She’s the missing piece to my puzzle, my other half. After all this thinking I realized… I love her.

~Nicki’s P.O.V.~

“Mmmmph,” I moaned as I woke up.

“Morning,’’ I heard Lou.

“Hmm? Oh, Morning Lou.” He giggled at my response.

“Come on, let’s go make some breakfast before the boys wake up.”


We got up and walked down to the kitchen. Lou started making the bacon and eggs while I took out the flour to make some pancakes. I put the flour into the bowl and an idea popped into my head. I took a hand full of flour in my hands and started sprinkling it over Lou’s head. It was kind of hard because he was so much taller than me but it still worked pretty well. “You did not just sprinkle flour all over my luscious hair,” he said and flicked his hair to one side. “Ohh but I did,” I giggled but immediately stopped when Louis started walking towards me with an egg. “Oh no, no, no,” With every step he took toward me, I took another step back.

I turned around and began running away from him. I ran around the table, took a spoon, threw it at his hand that held the egg. The egg dropped, he gasped, grabbed and hand full of flour and sprinted towards me. I squealed and ran as fast as I could but he caught me eventually. He picked me up from behind and spun me around after dumping the flour on my head. We ended up with flour all over our clothes and face. “We better get changed,” Lou suggested. “Yeah,” I giggled.

Since we used up all the flour, we ended up with only eggs and bacon. While standing next to him and spending so much more time with him I think I love him.

~Louis’ P.O.V.~

After our flour war I decided on something. I would tell Nicki I love her. I reached to grab a piece of bacon when I encountered her hand. Shock waves ran through my whole body. I looked into her eyes and she gazed into mine. Just looking at her can make my heart beat so fast. I leaned in for a kiss and she did the same. I pressed her soft lips to mine and it felt like hours that we were connected. The kiss was full of passion but not rough. I pulled away and we were gasping for breath.

Once I caught my breath I didn’t hesitate. “Nicki, can I tell you something,” I went right for it. “Anything,” it was like she was pushing me to say it. “Well, I kinda… umm… well… like you.” It finally came out. “So will you be my girlfriend?” I pushed it out more clearly this time. I managed to look her in the eyes and she seemed so lost. “It’s okay if you sa-,” I was caught off by her soft lips on mine once again.

“Sooo, is tha-,” She cut me off once again,” Yes! Lou, yes.” When I heard those simple words I was the luckiest man alive. A smile grew from ear to ear. I got up from my seat and picked her up to spin her around. She giggled and I smiled even more. I gave her a peck on the cheek and smiled,” You don’t know how lucky I am,” I told her with the smile plastered on my face. “Hmm, yeah, I’d say your pretty lucky,” she said jokingly. “Ohhh, well I think you’re pretty lucky too. If I say so for myself.” “Maybe I am.”

I finally got her. She’s mine and I will never let her go. No matter what.

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