Scarred My Heart

Veronica likes to be called Nicki. She's known these boys since they were 4; Liam, Louis, Niall, Harry, and Zayn. They stick together as they get older. They all live in the same house near their university. She has a boyfriend named Isaac. But who in the house has feelings for her? Her heart becomes unstable. She wonders if Isaac is really the one for her. He wavers her heart after that one accident. The boys get jealous. What happens that scars her heart so badly. Who gets hurt? Who comforts her? Most importantly, Who heals the scarred wound of her heart? Who steals her heart in the end?


3. I Forgot


A/N Hey, guys! So, how do you like it so far. Feedback please. Tell your friends too! In this chapter there will be a parts where it’s all the boy’s (Liam, Niall, Louis, Harry, Zayn) point of view and it just means that they are all thinking the same not discussing it. 

~Nicki’s P.O.V.~

I woke up to see Zayn holding my hand remembering I had a nightmare last night, and realized I was sleeping on Louis’ shoulder. God, I love these boys. I checked my iPhone it was 8:00 in the morning. I couldn’t really fall asleep so I decided to get up and get ready. I forgot about Harry sleeping on my legs so I took my pillow and in one swift move I set his head on the pillow.  I had a basketball game at 12:30 and a volleyball match at 5:00. I’m so excited. I love playing, I always do. I play because I enjoy it. I guess it’s in my blood, my mom being a pro and all. I got up, jolted up the steps, and took a shower.

When I got out the boys were still sleeping. I’ll let them sleep since it’s now only 8:45. Took me a little longer than I thought but I am all set for the day. I walked to the kitchen to make the boys some breakfast. I made crepes, bacon, and eggs. I made a lot knowing how much Niall ate. Crepes were their favorite and I’m in a really good mood so I thought it’ll do.

I heard something coming and thought I was just hearing something but it was Niall. I guess he smelt the food. Haha, that boy and his food. I put the last of the bacon on the plate and said, “Dig in,” and with that he didn’t hold back. I let out a chuckle and decided to go wake up the boys before Ni ate all the food.

“Hey, guys! The food is on the ta-,” I was cut off by Lou screaming with his arms flaring in the air as he ran to the kitchen. The other boys got up as well. I decided to bring my stuff downstairs. I walked back into the kitchen to Niall and Liam fighting over the last piece of bacon. Niall was holding onto one end of the bacon while Liam had the other but then Louis stretched over the table and took a bite out of the middle. Liam and Niall gave him a dirty look, “Hey, I solved your problem. Now you both have your own piece.” I laughed and sat next to Liam.

“So two games today, huh,” Liam asked.

“Yeahhh buddy,” I confirmed. “I take it you guys are coming to watch again,” I questioned. They always came to my games to cheer me on and I went to their football games. We’ve never missed any of our games because we all keep our calendar up to date but still had a lot of free time. Even with school going on. We go to the same university and strangely we all have all have the same classes together.

“We’ve neva missed one now have we,” Louis said sassily while snapping his fingers to the right. We all laughed. I walked over to Zayn and took one of his bacon.

“Hey, give that back,” Zayn whined. I ate the bacon and Zayn got off his chair and I sprinted into the kitchen. The boys followed. Niall and Liam took Zayn’s side, Louis and Harry took my side.

“You don’t take a man’s food, Nicki,” Niall said.

“It’s not nice,” Liam said.

With that the three of them came charging at us but Louis and Harry stopped them. Zayn somehow got through them and came after me. I screeched and ran around the couch. He jumped over and tackled me. I laughed as he lay on top of me.

“Okay, you got me. Now what,” I asked, still laughing.

“I want five more pieces of bacon,” Zayn answered.

“Is that all, sir,” I teased him in a butler manner.

“Just for that I want a kiss on the cheek,” he demanded.

“Well, there’s no more bacon on the table,” I told him.

“That’s why you’re going to make me more,” he smirked. He got off me and I made my way to the kitchen along with the boys. Zayn stopped me and pointed to his cheek, cuing me for his kiss on the cheek. I stretched up to his height and pecked his cheek. He smirked and I walked back into the kitchen to make his bacon. All the boys went to take a shower. We live in a pretty big house and everyone has a master bedroom plus a guest room, a movie room, computer room, a basement, a four car garage, and a pool in the backyard. Let’s just say that we all pitched in to buy this house and have been renovating for a while.


We arrived at my basketball game and I saw where the boys were sitting. Near them I saw my boyfriend, Isaac. I waved to them and they waved back.

~All The Boy’s (Liam, Louis, Zayn, Harry, Niall) P.O.V.~

Wow! No matter how many times I see her, she looks hot in her basketball uniform. She waved at us and someone near us. I looked to see who it was and it was Isaac. I forgot about him. Her boyfriend, Ughh! He’s also another reason why I couldn’t confess to her.


~Nicki’s P.O.V.~

We finished the game and we won 23-69. I was so happy. This was our tournament and we have first place now. I’m voted M.V.P. The boys ran down and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I ran to Isaac, jumped, and he caught me. I gave him a kiss on the lips passionately. He put me down and we just smiled into each other’s eyes.

"I'm so proud of you," he said and gave me a quick peck on the lips. I love him so much.

~All The Boy’s P.O.V.~

When I saw Nicki run up to Isaac and kiss him, I clenched my fists until they were white. If only that was me. I want it to be me. I want it to be me. I want it to be me.  I want it to be me.

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