over attached

Justin Bieber and I have been dating for about a year now. When we first met he was sweet and humble. But as time passed, Justin became a jerk. I was sick and tiered of it. A new school year had started, and I heard a new boy, Niall Horan had entered to our class, becoming the new kid. He seemed pretty nice, but Justin wouldn't let go so easy. When he figured out i was going to cut him off, my life became a nightmare. Will i ever be happy again?


7. This girl was driving me crazy, and I loved it.

"Listen you prick, she is mine so you better back off “Niall laughed as his careless smile appeared “you listen to me, what do you thinks she is, a thing?  Nah Justin, she’s a girl, a beautiful one, you don’t deserve her”

 “You don’t even know” he replied immediately” shell pick me over you any day” Justin spoke once more. Niall laughed again “hah, well if you are so sure why don’t you hear it from her” I had no idea what to say. I mean obviously I wanted Niall, but I was scared for what Justin might of do.

Immediately niall handed me the phone making sure the volume was loud enough for both of us to hear Justin. “I’m sorry Justin I-” “You are a complete bitch, Monday  you’ll be known as the biggest slut ever, do not complain you caused this it’s all your fault, bitch”

Niall grabbed the phone aggressively but before he could say anything Justin had hung up already.

I couldn’t control it. The tears, the fucking tears started to flow down my face.

“I am a bitch”

Niall’s POV

She started crying, no wonder why, Justin is a poor bastard, how could he say that to a lady like Beth. She’s far from being a slut or those nasty words he said.

“Don’t cry, he’s no worth it, not a single word he said is true” I said discussing critically in my mind whether I should hold her or keep my distance

“It’s okay niall I’m fine” shit, that’s a sign, I must do something.

I grabbed her hand and stared into her eyes “you deserve so much more” I whispered she closed her eyes and I could hear her sigh.

The distance between us consisted of a thin layer of humid air; her sobs could still be heard.

 “It’s okay don’t cry, you aren’t a bitch, you are a beautiful women, Beautiful. Every little thing about you...” I hesitated “is perfect” my mouth spoke by itself.

 I tangled my fingers through her soft hair as I slowly pulled her in front of me. Her tears were softly calming down “What he said is true Niall” “no its not, baby I” I had no words, suddenly the air, the seconds, the sound from afar, everything stopped. I stared into her eyes, but at the same time it felt like I was staring into her soul, into heaven. “Niall are you okay I-”


Her lips felt warm. What? I had to kiss her. The atmosphere was perfect, even the time had stop so we could have a sweet kiss that could be felt forever. The kiss intensified. With a mix of passion and love all stirred into one kiss.

She pulled off, quickly.

 “Niall lets go” I was confused, didn’t she like the kiss “why what’s wrong?” I asked gently pulling her back. She laughed “lets escape the world tonight, let’s do something crazy. Let’s live niall” this girl was driving me crazy, and I loved it.


AN: hope you liked it.. sorry it took me ages! -Victoria.

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