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Justin Bieber and I have been dating for about a year now. When we first met he was sweet and humble. But as time passed, Justin became a jerk. I was sick and tiered of it. A new school year had started, and I heard a new boy, Niall Horan had entered to our class, becoming the new kid. He seemed pretty nice, but Justin wouldn't let go so easy. When he figured out i was going to cut him off, my life became a nightmare. Will i ever be happy again?


3. Thats were I know you from.


“Hey babe” Justin said pretentiously looking into his mirror, yeah he always had one with him. “Hey” I replied looking to the ground with not much excitement. “So is everything alright?” he asked concerned as he placed his small mirror into his pocket and came towards me. Thank god he was too busy staring at himself to listen what i just said. I honestly wouldn’t want to even imagine his reaction.


*Riiing* the bell sounded which meant it was time to go to class. Chaz came behind Justin. It didn’t surprise me, those two were always together. “Time to go Jus” he said pulling Justin’s shirt as he stared into his eyes with a serious face. He couldn’t hide it, something was wrong. Why should I bother though, it wasn’t like they were going to tell me anyway.


I had chosen new subjects this year so vanessa and I got slip and we were no longer together.


“Girl we have to go to class, see ya later” she said running towards a classroom door that was about to shut down in her face.


*in my mind*

so I now headed to my new class. I’ve never been the new kid in the class. At least not for a while. Anyways, I guess I will have to adapt for now until I make new friends.


I headed to the cooking class which I was really exited about and as I entered I notice there were only few sitting places left.


I walked through the door and the teacher saw me. She was a nice old lady and I smiled as she let me pass through. “Were do I seat” I asked although I already knew the answer. There was only one seat left, besides a very beautiful blond boy. His face looked familiar. He was so gorgeous I stared into his deep blue eyes for a while. “excuse me, you can sit now” the old lady said as all the class raised their heads to see what was going on.


Soon everybody started giggling and gossiping. They noticed me looking into the cute kid, however he was called. I blushed not a little but a lot, and proceed to sit dow besides him. He smiled and looked at me. I immediately died, his smile was like an angels smile, I stared again and got lost into his eyes.


Although he soon distracted me from my thoughts “Im Niall” he said. “Niall, thats were I know you” He was the boy in the beach “Finally” he said laughing “I thought you wouldn’t recognize me” How couldn’t I recognize him before “Haha Im sorry” I said with honesty “truth is I was in a hurry and didn’t saw you there” I said hoping he would believe me although it was pretty obvious it was a lie. “Its alright” he said sliding closer to me. I blushed again, this time a little and he then said “we should go out someday you know” hoping for a positive answer. “yeah, Im actually going home after school to have a movies night, wanna go with my friend and I?” i asked hoping for a positive answer as well “Id love to” he said looking into my eyes.


stop making noise or Ill be forced to send some of you to the office”


the old lady said a little annoyed by the sound


Niall and I giggled and passed little notes for the rest of the class. He was super nice and sweet. He was if I could say, perfect.


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