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Justin Bieber and I have been dating for about a year now. When we first met he was sweet and humble. But as time passed, Justin became a jerk. I was sick and tiered of it. A new school year had started, and I heard a new boy, Niall Horan had entered to our class, becoming the new kid. He seemed pretty nice, but Justin wouldn't let go so easy. When he figured out i was going to cut him off, my life became a nightmare. Will i ever be happy again?


5. Strange love, strange feelings.

He wrapped his arm around my waist and smiled after our long passionate kiss. "Ive been waiting for this for a while now"  he smiled cheekly "me too niall" he offered his hand politley waiting for a reply and I immediately held it. 


"you have a nice house" he said observing it all "yeah I do" I spoke vaguely. "come on in"

my parents werent home till tomorrow morning so we had all night for us. I just really was hoping for Niall to stay, but who was I kidding, I barely knew the boy. 

"I know something is bothering you Beth, you need to tell me whats go.. Wait, this is about justin, isnt it?" Damn, was it so obvious "well" I said as low as I could "what did you wrote on that note?" I knew that he already knew what I wrote, But still, he wanted to hear me say it "I broke up with him, on the letter" I spoke trying not to stare into his eyes. "Why?" "Because Niall, I was miserable" "did he hurt you? Was he rude to you?" Memories immediatley appeared crystal clear into my mind, as much as I held my tears they were about to stream, "can we just not talk about him" "we dont need to Beth, I know it must hurt. Whatever he did to you. Just remember that by sending him that letter you eraised him from your life didnt you?" He smiled "so there is nothing to worry about. Besides" he paused dramatically and held my chin up "im here for you, and im not planning on leaving"


This boy was incredible. He knew so little about me yet he could say just what I needed to hear. 

His body came close to mine, no space between us. Niall's hand was still holding my chin so I had no other way to look at only the direction that led to his beautiful blue eyes. I smiled, never wanting to let go "Niall" I said, shivering "huh?" "Thank you for being here, please never leave me" "never" he spoke weakly.


I couldn't help it but kiss him again. Immediately he kissed back, pulling me against the wall. Our moment lasted for what I believe was ages, but what seems to last for so long cant really last forever. The phone rang upstairs I pulled off the kiss. "Just give me a second, I'll be right back "don't worry, leave me alone here I don't mind" he said playfully. I rolled my eyes and ran upstairs. And just when I was about to take the call the phone stopped ringing. Oh well, but the ringing is heard again, this time inside my pocket. I take out my cell-phone and i couldn't believe what i saw. 67 missed calls, all from Justin. 




A/N: hey guys :) i hope you liked it! soo what did you think about the 1BIGANNOUNCEMENT i was really happy since im form latin america.. anyways i just want to know if you guys really read these author notes so if you did comment your favorite song or what you think will happen next :) bye xx.

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