over attached

Justin Bieber and I have been dating for about a year now. When we first met he was sweet and humble. But as time passed, Justin became a jerk. I was sick and tiered of it. A new school year had started, and I heard a new boy, Niall Horan had entered to our class, becoming the new kid. He seemed pretty nice, but Justin wouldn't let go so easy. When he figured out i was going to cut him off, my life became a nightmare. Will i ever be happy again?


2. Nothing like before.


I woke up to the sound of the alarms. *beep, beep, beep* gosh, I hated that sound.

"Time to wake up" my mother shouted across the hall. I woke up rubbing my eyes and slowly moved towards my closet (daily routine) and choose whatever I had. since it still was summer I thought it would be nice to wear something lousy and comfortable. I picked a flowery dress that I´ve never really used before and paired it with a nice pair of brown combat boots. 

My hair was a mess, but I was to lazy to make it look nice today, so I just braided it to the side. I then took my pink backback and walked down the stairs. "Aren´t you gonna eat something" My mom asked worried "Not today mom, im almost late" She nodded and continued baking. It smelled delitious but honestly I didnt want to eat.

As I walked down the street I saw Justin and his friends comming towards me in a limo. "Hey baby girl, heres your babe" He said waving at me. "Coming" I shouted.

I thought it was nice of justin to come in a limo, but sometimes it was to much. It attracted fans, paparazzi, and it was hard to keep it private. I could handle it but it was really hard to continue with someone you don't love anymore. truth is it wasn't me it actually was him.

the first time i met Justin he was so different, he was young but went for his dreams. Now he is big, but fame has gotten into his head. This want the justin i fell in love with.

He picked me up and we were soon entering to school. Justin grabbed me by the hips ans slowly kissed me in a forced way. I then had to kiss him back, not really paying much attention and then headed to were Vanessa my best friend was.

"Hey girl" i shouted from behind and left Justin so I could head to Vanessa. "hey beastie" she gave me a hug. And sounded exited "How was summer?" she asked, and soon my smile faded away. "Is there something wrong?" she asked again, this time worried. I have not tell her the justin thing yet, but I thought it was now or never I had to tell her. 

"I actually, Im I- I" I mumbled. Words wouldn't come out of my mouth "Just say it" she mumbled and whined like a little kid

"Im going to break up with Justin" Finally, I got it out of my inside. "ooh, my god" she said with her eyes wide open looking behind me.

"look who's behind you" she said worried. 

DHamn it, i thought to myself.

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