over attached

Justin Bieber and I have been dating for about a year now. When we first met he was sweet and humble. But as time passed, Justin became a jerk. I was sick and tiered of it. A new school year had started, and I heard a new boy, Niall Horan had entered to our class, becoming the new kid. He seemed pretty nice, but Justin wouldn't let go so easy. When he figured out i was going to cut him off, my life became a nightmare. Will i ever be happy again?


4. Im free.

I walked out of class to find Vanessa waiting for me.


“So, I was told you were seen talking to the new guy today” “uh, Niall? yeah he is pretty cool” “Cool? girl he is hot. I heard the cheerleaders are all over him” “Are they?” A feeling of slight jealousness was sent to my mind from my heart.


“Well, thats not a problem” I said confidently “What are you talking about” she asked suspiciously “I invited him today, for our movies night. You do remember we had a plan for tonight don't you?” “Oh my, I'm sorry to tell you. well actually, not that sorry.. I have a date tonight, with that David guy” “you what? when were you planning on telling me” Vanessa giggled and soon changed the subject, leaving me with curiosity due to her new love life and my lack of knowledge of it.


“Don't you have a boyfriend, you can't just go out with a guy you clearly like” ugh, I did. But more than a boyfriend it was a problem “Doesnt matter, its just a friends plan” “doesn't sound like that to me” she said laughing.


She looked behind me and said “Oh there he is. A tall dark haired blue eyed waited for Vanessa. David.  “I'm so sorry love, i'll catch up with you later. Tell me how your date with that irish babe goes” “its not a date” I shout at her as she leaves.


I liked that name, Irish babe..



The bell rang, end of school day. Everybody runned like crazy as I made my way to the locker. “there you are beautiful” I smelled a mesmerizing essence coming from behind me. Niall. His hands traveled my waist exploring. I turned back swiftly, almost in shock. “hey Niall” I said nervously, red flushing all over my cheeks. “Why so nervous?” “You make me nervous” I reply, playfully, letting myself act in the moment.


He came closer, and I could feel his breath. Blue diamonds stared into my soul, coming closer. I was hypnotized.


“Wait” I pulled him further, give me a second”

I turn to my locker get out a piece of paper and a blue pen.

For what? Well, I couldn't face Justin after all this time. I honestly was kind of scared of breaking up with him.


I proceed to write down a small letter for justin, including the “i wanna break up with you” part. I go straight to his locker and place the small paper inside it.


Happily, I make my way back to Niall who looks both confused and amused, and then I realize. I was a free. I came closer, nervously. He smiled cheekily, as he pulled me close, again “Lets finish what we started”


“His voice spoke tenderly “Wait” he spoke one last time. “Remind me of your name again”


Oh good, the guy doesn't even know my name. Sounds like we are going too fast, whatever. “Bethany” I answered. Pulling my hair back.

And then, out of nowhere, pink lips pressed softly into mine. As strong arms covered me protectively, rather than playfully.

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