Last First Kiss

Two normal girls named Ruby and Briana fall deeply in love with two boys from the most famous boy-band named One Direction but will it last long?


4. The Next Day

Harry POV:

I woke up to a beautiful girl next to me. I watch her sleep, hearing her breathing in and out. I know i sound creepy but it just makes me happy knowing I have a girl this amazing next to me. I stroked her cheek. Then her eyes started to fluttered open. "Good morning love" I said giving her a cheeky smile. 

Brianas POV:

I woke up to someone stroking my face, I was about to smack someone in the face until i saw the one and only Harry Styles. He look at me as if we know each other forever. Then he said, "Good morning love" in his morning voice. I barley even knew the band all i knew was there number one song that always on radio, "What Makes You Beautiful". I got up and said, "Good morning what time is it?" He look at his phone and said "8:00 lovely." "Oh my god! Im late!" I started running around grabbing my stuff, because i had changed into some of Harrys sweats and a shirt. "What are you late to?" He asked. "Im late for work! And if I'm late again I'm going to get fired!" I grabbed my stuff and ran out. I got out and I didn't have my car, "Crap!" I screamed. "What wrong?" Harry asked behind me. "I don't have my car!" "I'll drive, only if you want to though!" he said while rubbing the back of his neck. "Yes please!" I sighed. 

While in the car it was quiet so it was a little awkward. By the time we got to work I had 3 minutes before I would be late. I ran out the door only to be mobbed by thousands, or what i thought was thousands, of paparazzi. I covered my face as I tried to make my way through the huge crowd."Why are they here?" i mumbled then I remembered I was driven here by Harry Styles. oh god they know where i work, there going to be here all day! Great just my luck! Getting hate from 10 year old little girls. I knew it was a mistake coming to work. As soon as I sat down in my office I got a text from a number got said "Hey love its Harry i'll be picking you up after work,since you don't have your car xx."   Great

Harrys POV: 

I fell kind of bad letting her go in alone. But now I cant wait to pick her up. 

I walked into the house putting the keys on the counter. Then I see Louis and Ruby in the kitchen having a food fight. I love how me and Louis finally found the loves of our life so I hope they like us for us. But you can already see Louis and Ruby are hitting it off quiet well. I walk into the living room thinking, thinking about Briana and how bad I want to ask her out. But how? I feel like I can finally be my self around her and not be Mr. Flirty Styles. Just plain Harry Edward Styles being normal but deeply in love. 

My thoughts were interrupted by a little girl next to me, at first I didn't really recognize her but then I remembered her from yesterday after the concert. "Hi we didn't really meet yesterday, Im Isabella but you can call me Bella" She said extending out her arm. "Hi Bella Im Harry as you already know" "Yeah if you didn't know I'm Briana's sister" "AND IM RUBYS SISTER!!!!" A little girl screamed popping up from behind the couch, almost scaring me to death. "My names Sophia, but you can call me Sophie!" She nearly screamed. Yup I can tell she's Ruby's sister! "Sophie calm down! You dont need to scream!!!"  Bella said  "So Harry," she started "Yes?" "Do you 'Fancy' my sister?" she asked "uh- uhm yeah i guess, but please dont tell her!" i pleaded "Dont worry! I won't! But im just going to warn you now about two things, 1: Take it slow and easy with her because she just came out of a bad break up, and 2: If you hurt her i swear i will hurt you!" she said, i laughed at the end a little bit but then she said "You think im kidding but im not, i can make your life a living hell even if you are a pop star" then walked away. "Well that escalated quickly!" Sophie said. Wow never in my life would i have thought id be afraid of a 10 year old! "Shes pretty devious but not as much as me!" Sophie said walking laughing, "What are you talking abou- OH MY GOD SOPHIE IM GOING TO KILL YOU!!!" 

I started running looking for Sophie but i was stopped by Ruby. "Excuse me!?!?! Who do you think you are?! only i can kill her!!" Ruby yelled "But she put glitter in my hair!!! i yelled back "HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! I CAN SEE IT!!!" she laughed "Oh go make out with Louis or something!" i yelled "Fine! BOOBEAR!!!" she screamed "Hey only i can call him that!!!!" "To bad!!!" she ran off, crap! those girls i swear! 

Briana POV:

Only 10 more minutes till im out of this hell hole! yes! Thats all thats been on my mind! Ive also been thinking about what happened this mourning i mean, Im just a normal girl with a normal life who just got her heart broken and now THE Harry Styles likes me. Im not ready for a new relationship and I barley know the guy! I mean he is sweet, charming, funny, cute and... WAIT! What am i talking about! No no Briana! He's a player a man whore! Well atleast thats what i read in magazines. "Briana get in here now!!" My boss Ashley screamed at me, making snap out of my thoughts. 

"What?" I asked in the most nicest way i could "I need you to stay a few hours later today" she said "What? no im sorry i cant do that! I need to get my car before it gets towed away!!" I pleaded "How did you get here then?" she asked "I got a ride over here" "By who? I saw a lot of paparazzi out there this mourning before you came in!"  'Uh no one special just-"    "Oh spit it out already!!" she screamed "FINE HARRY STYLES I GOT A RIDE OVER HERE BY HARRY STYLES! Are you happy now!!" I screamed, now everyones eyes are on us. "Well no need to get loud!" she said pretending as if nothing happened. I looked at the time and my shifts over! I start to walk off until Ashley screams at me "Briana I told you. you were staying late today" "Yeah well i don't care! Im leaving! I need to get my car!" i said and stormed out. I walk out and see a huge crown of girls screaming at me for an autograph and some others calling me a trick and other stuff I wait until Harry comes and picks me up which was not so long of a wait. "Hey love sorry I'm late there were girls in front of the house so it was hard to get past them" He said "Its fine, can you stop by the arena cause i need to get my car" i asked "Sure anything for you!" He said smiling. He has a pretty cute smile. We headed to the arena and i didn't see my car, "Crap" i mumble "Is it that one?" he asked pointing to a car thats across the street. "YES!" i screamed in joy. We rode over to it, i got out of the car and got into mine. After I got it we headed home, well to Harrys flat. We pulled up and i met up with Harry who was not even out of his car yet. I opened the door for him and waited till he got out. "Why thank you your such a gentlemen!" He said laughing. I started laughing too "you have a cute laugh" he said to me "Thanks" i say i started to blush. 

"Well lets go inside!!!!" I say. When we got inside I saw Bella run up to me. I picked her up and spun her around like i always did when i would get home from work. "Briana i missed you!!!" She said hugging me tightly, "I missed you too! Sorry i wasnt here when you woke up!" i say hugging her back. "Well Im here now, so what did you do today?" i asked 



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