Last First Kiss

Two normal girls named Ruby and Briana fall deeply in love with two boys from the most famous boy-band named One Direction but will it last long?


1. Getting Ready

*Ruby's POV* 

"But Mom!!!! Do I really have to take her to the concert??" i asked my mom. She told me i had to take my little sister to a One Direction concert. "Yes!!!! Now go get ready! We are going to dinner!" my mom said pointing me toward my room. "Ugh! But I had plans with Briana!!!!" i scream stomping up the stairs. As I passed my little sister, Sophia, room i looked at her giving her a death glare. 

In the middle of me getting ready i heard my phone buzz, i looked at it and said and it was from Briana i opened it and it read 

Briana: Hey girl cant make it to the party i have to take Isabella to a stupid concert! :p 

Me: Dude me too! i have to take Sophie to a concert to AND a meet and greet! ugh!

Briana: Whats the band or persons name?

Me: IDK One Direction i think why?

Briana: Dude im going to the same one! we should meet up!

Me: Aight cool well i got to go im going to some stupid dinner text you later!

Briana: Alright later!  

*Brianas POV* 

"Isabella!!! Hurry up and finish getting ready!!!!!!!" i screamed at my little sister "Hold On!!! I have to look good for my husbands!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed "Youre like 5 compared to them!" "Shut up! and lets go!!" she said running down the stairs. "Alright but we have to pick up Ruby and her little sister cause there going too!" "What ever lets go!" she screeched pulling my arm. 

*Ruby POV*

"Sophie hurry up dammit!"i screamed at my sister for the 5th time. "Im going i need to look awesome for my boyfriends!!" she said. "Shut up! there like 20 years older than you!" "Fine whatever just get your car keys and lets go!" she squealed " Actually  Brianas going to come pick us up cause there going to go too!" i said while walking to the couch. "Fine but they better get here fast!" she slumped next to me. "Oh shut up! The concert doesnt start till 5!" "I know but im so excited! it took me long to get ready!" she jumped up. "Haha! youre actually going in that?" i asked. She was dressed in a One Direction shirt and One Direction hat with One Direction socks and One Direction jewelry. 

"Yeah you have a problem?" she asked. As soon as i was going to answer i heard the door bell ring. "Alright lets go you little freak!" I yelled.  

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