Last First Kiss

Two normal girls named Ruby and Briana fall deeply in love with two boys from the most famous boy-band named One Direction but will it last long?


2. Concert and Backstage Passes

*Brianas POV* 

OH MY GOD THERE ARE SO MANY SCREAMING GIRLS IM GOING TO KILL SOME ONE!!!! Judging on Ruby's face you can tell she is feeling the same way! "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Isabella screamed in my ear. "What the hells your problem?" i screamed back. Harrys looking right at us!!!!!" she screeched. I looked up and there he was Harry, as his name was, was staring right at us. I was looking at him for a while then he gave me a smirk that i knew he used on probably every other girl. When they started answering twitter questions some one asked if any one could sing in spanish, i couldnt really see the name but seeing Ruby laughing her butt off i can tell it was her. Oh my god she can be so stupid sometimes. I snapped out of my thoughts by hearing someone right in my ear. I look to see Isabella screaming in my ear to look up. I saw Harry Styles right there looking straight at me talking in spanish. I looked to Ruby asking her what the hell he was saying. 

*Ruby's POV* 

OH MY GOD I CANT BELIEVE THEY WERE ACTUALLY TALKING IN SPANISH! THEY EPICALLY FAILED! Then I see the curly haired one right in front of us talking to Briana is spanish. i looked at her a seeing her face i can tell she was lost and had no idea what he was saying. "He said you are the most beautiful girl he's ever seen and that he never wants to take is eyes off of you" i whisper to her. Her eyes opened wide and looked at him, he smirked at her she quickly looked at me blushing. "OHH BRIANA HAS A CRUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i screamed off the top of my lungs causing everyone to go silent where we were. i looked at her and busted out laughing. She was tomato red. When the concert finally ended it was time to go to the backstage oh i cant wait to see how this day ends!

*Brianas POV*

Oh my god i hate Ruby! and now we have to face to face to them! oh my god i hate her i hate her!!!!!! "Hey Briana ready to meet your lover????" i hear Ruby whisper in my ear, "Shut up!!" i hissed at her. "haha!" she laughed and waled off. I don't understand where she was going considering the fact that I was her ride home. 

After a while of waiting we finally reached them and Harry wouldn't stop looking at me! Finally when we got to him he looked at me straight in the eyes and said in a low british voice "Hello Love." 

*Rubys POV* 

I look at Briana and notice her a Harry talking. "awwww look at those love birds" i hear some one say i look at who said that. He was one of the boys, i bent down and whisper into my sisters ear "Which one is that one?" "Thats Louis William Tomlinson the oldest one and the most funniest!" she replies "dude i asked for his name not his life story!" i reply.

I looked at him and he was smiling at me "Whats your name love?" he asked "Oh uh im Ruby" "Ruby, i like that name!" he replied with a cheeky grin. "Thanks i guess" i giggled "AWWWW you have an adorable giggle!" he laughed. "Shut up im not adorable!" i snapped back at him. "Aww love its ok, just let it out, you know youre adorable" he said putting his arm around me. That obviously made me blush a little. "OHHHHH RUBY HAS A CRUSH!!!!!" i hear Briana scream from across the room. I immediately look at her giving her the death glare but she just laughed and walked off. 

By the end of the time Sophia and Isabella looked like they were going to pass out right in Liams and Zayns arm because of how tired they were. I looked over at Briana to tell her we should go but she was asleep in Harrys arms. "Crap" i mumbled to my self. "Whats wrong love?" Louis asked then i pointed toward Briana "She was my ride home." "Oh well if you want you guys can come to our place for the night." Oh my god! did Louis from the most famous boy band really ask us to spend the night? At his place? "Uhm yeah sure thanks!" oh god i cant wait to see how that goes. 

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