Last First Kiss

Two normal girls named Ruby and Briana fall deeply in love with two boys from the most famous boy-band named One Direction but will it last long?


3. A Night at Their Place

Louis' POV:

*on our way home* 

When i saw Ruby i thought she was beautiful and now she is going to spend the night at my house. It was like fate. Then Harry has a girl named Briana,  he said he was starstruck when he first laid eyes on her. I think we might have found our true loves. But the thing is, do they want us back? "Louis watch the road!" i heard Niall scream snapping me out of my thoughts. "Sorry!" 

By the time we got to the house almost everyone was asleep except for Rubys little sister. "Hi im Sophia, but you can call me Sophie!" she said "Well hello Sophie, you wanna wake everyone up? but in a fun way?" "OH MY GOD! YES!!!!!!!!!" she nearly screamed "Shhh! ok so i have water guns inside but we have to be extra quick! ok?" "OK!!!!!" 

We creeped back to the car, "1... 2... 3... GO!!!!!!!!!" i screamed, we squirted all of them with water then ran inside with them at our tails. I saw Sophie falling behind so i picked her up and carried her inside and we hid in Harrys room and pilled cloths on us and hid there. 

While everyone was looking for us Sophie looked at me and said "Do you like my sister Ruby?" I smiled at the thought of her liking me. Then i responded "Well kinda i barley know her but she is quite a a catch, just don't tell her please Sophie." She smirked hoping i would say something like that. After a little bit of silence Sophie turned to me again and said "Im pretty sure she likes you back too" She smiled at me then fell asleep. 

After about half an hour of being in his closet i started to fall asleep so i grabbed Sophie and took her to my room and laid her down on my bed then went downs stairs. Almost everyone was asleep except Ruby and Brianas little sister, i still don't know her name. "Her name is Isabella but you can call her Bella," i heard Ruby say. "Did i really say that out loud?" "Yeah you did!' she giggled. Oh my god she had the cutest giggle ever! "You think my giggle is cute?" she questioned shocked "Crap i really need to stop doing that!" i laughed and so did she. After that we took Bella to her room and lay her down next to Sophia in my room. Great i have no where to sleep. "We can sleep on the floor" i said to Ruby. "Sounds like a good idea." We grab the blankets and pillows and went to the living room and then i decided to cuddle with her. Then we passed out. 

Ruby's POV: 

After a while of talking to Louis we went to put Bella in his room next to Sophie. Then I realized that we have no where to sleep. "We can sleep on the floor" he said to me "Sounds like a good idea!"I replied. We grabbed the stuff that we needed and went to the living room then got comfortable. After a while of trying to go to sleep I felt arms around me, I would have moved but I was too tired. And plus he's pretty hot! 

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