Could This Be?

When young girl Angela runs away from her abusive father...she runs into her childhood best friend...Louis Tomlinson. But it's obvious he doesn't remember her at all...she will try her hardest to make lou remember. They say she can never do it...maybe she can.


1. Running Away

*Angela's Pov*

I ran upstairs after I got beat up from my dad. He was drunk. Luckily I planned this ahead and grabbed all the things I needed and climbed out my window. I ran as fast as I can and ran to that little meadow I used to go to. I was running in the woods and I finally found it. That huge meadow with 1 big rock and 1 big tree. I had many memories here with my mom. Before she died. I held onto the necklace she gave me before she died. I ran to the big rock and started crying. I screamed so loud. I mean wouldn't you scream so loud if your life was fucked up? Well if not then try putting yourself in my shoes. Anyways...I was sitting there until a group of 5 boys come. How did they find this place!?!?!?!? 1 was so beautiful! He was wearing a stripped shirt and suspender and blue jeans with toms... He reminded me of my childhood bestie louis tomlinson. Just then I squinted my eyes and saw him clearly. My eyes widen as I get up and run behind the huge rock. I started crying even more because there is no way he will remember point on trying. As I'm crying I feel someone tap my shoulder I look up and see its him
"You okay love?"
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