Could This Be?

When young girl Angela runs away from her abusive father...she runs into her childhood best friend...Louis Tomlinson. But it's obvious he doesn't remember her at all...she will try her hardest to make lou remember. They say she can never do it...maybe she can.


3. I Just Know

A/N HI!!! Haven't been on in a while�� but I am now!!! (: don't worry!!!
*Louis Pov*
How did she know her best friend doesn't remember her!?!?!? God!!! Whoever it is must me stupid! She a sweet innocent little girl. Well. Not little.
"So...tell me about yourself." I said
"We'll you all already know my name. I'm 18 and I just finished high school. I ran away from home." She said. But the last part I didn't get.
"How do you know your friend doesn't remember you?" I asked
"I just know." She said
"Mhm." I said
"Well um do you have any place to stay?" Liam asked
"N-No" she whispered.
"Why?" Zayn asked
"I ran away from home."
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