Last Chance

this story is going to be about a guy and girl that have been together for over 8 months. the girl thinks they have been fighting alot... ashley thinks there relationship is going down hill. jake is the happiest guy ever. will she stay or go?


2. Him..

knock at the door. it's jake. i panic throw my hair up. smear my makeup. just to make it look like i've been sleeping. when in reality im not. in reality, im not sleeping im crying.. if only he knew right? i can't possibly stress to him. on how i feel cause then he will get mad. and end it all. i dont want to end it all. why would i? I don't want to open the door. i don't want to see him. seeing him is only going to make me think more about something i don't even want to think about. thinking about the end of a relationship with the guy i'm in love with is only going to make me stress and worry even more. 

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