Last Chance

this story is going to be about a guy and girl that have been together for over 8 months. the girl thinks they have been fighting alot... ashley thinks there relationship is going down hill. jake is the happiest guy ever. will she stay or go?


1. am i enough..?

i am ashley. i have been dating jake for 8 months. we've been fighting alot. i want to ask him about it,.. but im afraid he's gonna get extremly mad . and just end it. i don't want to end it. he is the love of my life. he was my first time.. he's my life.. my everything. my world. the one i want to marry. i dont want him to break up with me. he makes me happy. we fight. but we always get through it. i try to make sure he's happy. but now i don't know if thats enough, he makes me happy, i just dont know anymore.

        "call from jake" jake: hey babe what's up? are you okay? i haven't heard from you all day. me: yeah, i just haven't felt good. so i've been sleeping. jake: oh, okay. well text me i guess i love you bye. ashley: okay i love you too.. bye.. little did he know i was lying. i felt fine... i wasnt sleeping i just panicked. i didnt know what to say, yeah i love him. but saying it is that enough? is that what he wants to here? or does he want to hear something elese? 

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