Catagorey: drama *Isabella King is just and average 18 year old. You know, getting an apartment, go out to parties, be in college. But when she meets the handsome, Harry Styles,well. She doesn't know him. She's never even heard of one direction. But she soon finds herself loving him but can't seem to stop him from cheating on her. Fights, Betrayal, Whoa scenes, Parties, drinks, and much much more! Can Isabella has too much to deal with and Harry is hurting her even more. She says goodbye and the light flickers off. He says hello and the light is back on. Could they find magic batteries and keep the light on forever? Or will they kill the light and never turn it back on? Find out in LIGHTS.


5. The British Boy's Bed

When I woke up my head felt as if a rhino had stepped on my head and then did jumping jacks. I was finally able to see when I saw I was in a beautiful bedroom. I started to get up when my fingers touched skin. What The! Then it turned over still knocked out and I saw its face. HARRY!! "What the hell?!" I exclaim as I fall of the bed. I was....naked! "What happened! You raped me!" I yelled and grabbed a blanket to put over me. Ow my bum hurts," Wha? Oh you drank to Michael nd we ended up having sex." he said and got up slowly. Omg his...thing was dangling. "But I'm just a virgin." I said, "Was just a virgin. Until you met me." he smirked and went into the bathroom. I heard the shower go off, " Im going home! Wait where are we?!" I said panicking, "My place." he said in the bathroom. Oh man this is going way to fast. I need to get out of here! I picked up the blanket and wrapped it around my body, then I looked for my clothes. "Wanna get cleaned?" he asked. The nerve! "What? Eww no! Where are my clothes?!" I asked, "Ok be dirty then. They are being washed." he replied and then closed the door. So I'm stuck here for how long?! Owwww I just wanna lay down. I layed down on the bed and closed my eyes. Then the flashbacks came. Me dancing and grinding on Harry. Harry making out with me on the bar table. Me dancing like a slut on the poles. And me and Harry in his bed. Him taking my clothes of and gently kissing me. Going inside and out so....good. I woke up to the sound of him coming out, "Looks like you want more?" he said and looked at my hand. Wha? I looked at my hand and saw it in my vagina. WHAT? I pulled it out. "Uh a lint got stuck on it. Heh." awkward.

Harry's POV:

Oh gosh shes starting to remember! I guess she enjoyed it. But for some strange reason, out of all of the girls Ive done....she made me feel electrified. Wait no Harry you just have a bad hangover calm down! But I couldn't stop wanting her for some reason...... She got up with the blanket around her and asked if she could take a shower. Embarrassed, "Sure." I said snaps she went inside. I laughed a little because you could see her cute little butt.
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